Add a toggle option to enable and disable ATGM launcher

A toggle option would be very useful for tanks as M3 Bradley and M901 ITV that currently have an automatic enable/disable mode for the ATGM launcher.

It’s hard to hide the M901 ITV because we can’t disable the ATGM launcher, it sets it automatically when we fully stop also it makes the vehicle more exposed to enemy fire on the ATGM missile, having a toggle option would make these vehicles less exposed to get ammo detonation.

How this togge option would work:

  1. Toggle key ON:
    The ATGM launcher will work as currently (Activated when you’re not moving; deactivated when you’re moving) but when you’re not moving, you can press the key button to close the launcher even if you move the vehicle and stops it again the launcher will not activate untill you press the key again.

  2. Toggle key OFF:
    Just like how it is currently; it disables when you’re moving and enable when you stop.

Edit 04/10/2023: Add a better explanation in “Toggle key ON”

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+1, Would be cool if stabalised ATGM platforms like KF41 can extend and retract while moving as they can fire whlie moving. Maybe even allow the launcher to swivel finally?

This needs to go a step further and add travel lock for vehicles that have it like the Bradley


This could be useful for the Ozelot as well, when you run out of ammo and you need to dash for a cap point.

I 100% agree the USSR ATGMs like Shturm and Khrizantema has this in real life and should be in the game as well…

I think vehicle quirks is something that should be considered. Similarly, to dozers, I want more gimmicks that give each vehicle a quirk that another might not have.

The BT series could be allowed to remove their tracks within a game similarly to a repair. The Tradeoff being faster mobility on road with less offroad.


Would be nice, would love to drive around in my ozelot with the launcher folded down

seeing a bt fly at you without tracks would be hilarious