Add a designated or toggleable crew slot to be available when uptiered

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I would like to suggest a new addition to the current crew mechanic in War Thunder!

Currently it is set up so that any match has a BR range no more than 1. Every match will have a handful of players with a lineup at the bottom of this bracket.

The addition

Consider a new slot or the ability to designate a current crew to have a vehicle that exists at a BR above the rest of the players lineup. This crew would only be available to spawn in the case that a player is in a +.7 or +1 Uptier match. I would suggest this crew be limited to +.7BR instead of a full +1BR.

For example,
A 5.0 lineup could bring a 5.7 in this new or designated slot and spawn it in the case of a 4.7-5.7 or 5.0-6.0 match.
A 6.3 lineup could bring a 7.0 in this new or designated slot and spawn it in the case of a 6.0-7.0 or 6.3-7.3 match.

I believe this would improve the game in a few different ways:

  1. This feature would allow every player in the match to have at least 1 vehicle that doesn’t suffer as much in an upteir.

  2. Now when a player unlocks a new vehicle above their current lineup, they can add it in this slot and use it during uptiers without forcing every match to be an uptier and continuing to unlock the rest of the new lineup. (The matchmaker will only look for games +/-1BR of their lineup disregarding the special crew slot)
    This will also allow players to spade their new lineup before its finished!

  3. This would reduce some 1 death leave situations as less people will roll out with only one crewed slot. (Whether due to lack of decent lineups at their nation/br’s location or not having unlocked enough to make a full lineup.)

  4. Some vehicles will inevitably exist just above their nations excellent lineups, This will give players the opportunity to use these vehicles without permanently uptiering their full lineup


Because of these reasons each match would have a better average BR (Leaning towards the uptier) and more overall spawns thus longer games/more rewards/less chance of steamrolls.

This would also probably sell more backups due to having such a lucrative crew slot in uptiers.

And best of all, There are no situations where any player gains an advantage over another!