Add a "confirm you want to go to battle" button

I am tired of smashing my keyboard after yet another lost game and ending up in a battle because i accidentally hit “Enter”. Please add some sort of confirmation to the “to battle” button. I lose more SL than i earn every game still and i cant keep this up.

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What I would like to see if there is some kind of discrepancy in your loadout, that it would give you a warning about it.

Like checking to see if you have bought shells and equipment for the battle, a vehicle is not repaired, or crew locked.

Other than that its really on you make sure you are actually ready to play when you hit the battle button

It’d be nice if it had a confirmation dialogue if your vehicles are at much different battle ratings (eg F-14 and Sherman in same lineup) to avoid going into battle on accident

Stop smashing you keyboard. Problem solved. 😉


If you turn off automatic repair, you will actually get the prompt, so you cant automaticly go into the next battle without clicking that button! It also helps saving some SL if you stop playing for the day!

Hope this helps you.

I hate seeing non-repaired vehicles, and I have auto repair off, but usually I repair my lineups anyway.

I actually prefer the opposite…too much clicking already. Going to battle usually takes several seconds where you can still cancel (at least in Ground AB)…and as said above, if one vehicle is damaged you will get a confirmation prompt anyway (which i would rather NOT have).
I guess the best solution would be to make it OPTIONAL…each could choose in the settings…


I actually agree with the option for a choice