Add 2nd Airfield as Bombing Objective

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Base bombing is often one of the only ways some aircraft can earn SL and RP and with no limit to how many players can carry ordinance to destroy bases, it can a very daunting task to achieve

Historically heavy bombers were used in bombing runs, these being done by squadrons of up to 12 bombers in formation where they would carpet bomb big important targets, not lone wolf b 17 suicide missions for a single emplacement

While light bombers/strike aircraft would deliver a precise punch to less reinforced enemy positions in a hit and run manner

Currently as it stands in game, some bombers being too slow, some being strike aircraft carrying bombs and some being fighters carrying bombs and rockets.
Base bombing can be a hurdle and sometimes impossible as there are only 4 bases and sometimes you just can’t get to them before someone else does and get shot down, I’ve seen myself having to carry around my bombs waiting for a base to respawn on multiple occasion

To try and alleviate that I’ve thought of the following changes:

Since above certain BRs there’s an unprotected airfield, I suggest that after all 4 bases have been destroyed and the match timer hits 15 minutes, the 2nd airfield opens up as a bombing target with infinite HP, bombing this airfield gives a reduced bombing score but will slowly drain the enemy’s tickets
doing this will give slow bombers a way to impact the result of the game instead of just being candy for interceptors and add an incentive for bombers to strategize and;

Faster bombers/Strike aircraft instead of just heading to a base, dropping and crashing now have a reason to go ahead of the slower ones, destroy the bases, return, rearm and side climb until the airfield objective opens

Would give the slower bombers a reason to side climb, play the long game and stay together in a defensive formation instead of diving to try and get ahead of faster bombers/strike aircraft only to be intercepted or beaten to the target

To make this airfield a bit more secure for allies and a risk for hostiles, SPAA would be added around it but not as many as the main airfield, this way light bombers can’t just rush it down once it opens and would need to climb to a safe altitude


I don’t know why they remove the ability to bomb airfield at some BR in ARB. It was part of the fun of being able to intercept every bombers before the ennemy win.
It was like an unprepared optional objective and it was fun.

I just hope they can make bombers fun again and bombing airfield for the win is part of it.


Still mad how they made bombing useless for the match outcome. Such a rework is long overdue imo!