ADATS shouldn't be labeled as TD

Yes it can be use as a tank destroyer but with it being labeled as TD, US have no top tier SPAA. Its been really annoying when i got killed by CAS in top tier yet i can’t spawn my only “SPAA” just because i don’t have enough SP.


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The ADATS is great because you get to be a bad tank destroyer and a bad SAM for the price of a tank destroyer.


You havent read what you wrote right?

YES, if pantsir can spawn with 0 score and defend sky from enemy aircrafts
Usa should have that ability too
Thats one of the main reasons, why USA sucks, it cant protect themselves from cas and heli in low cost



Your logic are questionable, why can’t i protect my airspace while the other team can? Why can other spawn SPAA to protect their teammate while i can’t?

The ADATS’s anti-tank capabilities are laughable and classifying it as a TD harms US team’s air defense by making it too expensive to spawn.


ADATS remains a TD because of old times when it could actually TD well.

Nowadays with APS and ERA it can’t really do it like it could anymore at all. Just make it a SPAAG- it would 100% help the US win rates and teams out IMO.

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The ADATS should be 11.3 BR, its missiles are not worth 11.7 either as ground or as air. It’s not an effective fighting vehicle for ground making its ability to defend itself irrelevant and niche.