Activity percent for daily tasks. CAS activity is not getting its due credit

How is activity percent accrued?

In the example below is a match that I participated the entire time in… I spent my time killing ground targets and contributing to the battle. We ultimately won, and I should have achieved my Daily Task (Activist), which requires 1 win with 85% activity time. Somehow the results came up with a bogus number of 66%, missing my task…

CAS activity needs to count just as much as air combat activity in Air AB/RB/SB matches. There’s no good reason that CAS roles should get robbed from completing tasks when I fully committed myself to winning the match.

Activity is Score based on time played.

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13 targets in just under 16 minutes?
Not gonna lie, you deserve that 66% activity.
Step up your CAS game. 20 kills easy.

I’m not using mouse-aim, so don’t judge me to them standards.

Yes. I played the entire time. That’s my point.