TYPE: Short Range Ground Based Anti Air Defence


  • 1x Launcher for 4x missiles
    4x IRIS-T ground to air missiles
    -Maximum Overload: 60g at 60°
    -Maximum speed: Mach 3
    -Weight: 87.4 Kilograms
    -Lenght: 2.95 Centimeter
    -Diameter: 1.27 Centimeter
    -Launch range: 25 Kilometer
    -Detonation mechanism: Impact and active radar proximity fuse
    -Wingspan: 447 mm
    -Fire and forget missile
    4x AIM-9X SIDEWINDER ground to air missiles
    -Mass: 85.3 kg
    -Length: 3.02 m
    -Diameter: 127.0 mm
    -Wingspan: 279.4 mm
    -Warhead: WDU-17/B annular blast fragmentation
    -Warhead weight: 9.4 kg
    -Detonation mechanism: IR proximity fuze

  • 1x 12.7x99mm Kongsberg Protector RWS RS4
    -Ammunition mixture 50/50: NM140MP + NM160MP-T

  • 1x 7.62x51mm mg3 machinegun hatch
    -Ammunition mixture 50/50: NM60 Metal jacket + NM62 Metal jacket tracer

  • 8x 76mm smoke grenades 2x4

XENTA-M radar 75km
NASAMS platform

Mass: 26.5 tons
Length: 6.2 metres
Width: 2.9 metres
Height: 2.5 metres
Engine: MTU 6V199 TE21 turbocharged diesel
Eigne Power: 580 hp
Payload capacity: 8.5 tons
Drive: tracked
Transmission: ZF LSG 1000 HD
Automatic transmission: 6 forward 2 reverse gears
Suspension: torsion bar

Power/weight: 21.89 hp / metric ton
Operational range: 1,000 km
Maximum speed 74 km/h
Steering system: hydrostatic

3x Commander, Driver and Censor/weapons operator

Armor: unknown

A little about the vehicle
ACSV stands for Armored Combat Support Vehicle

The ACSV G5 is a further development of earlier M113 vehicles, this version is an armored tracked vehicle. In 2021, Flensburger Fahrzeugbau GmbH entered into an agreement with the Norwegian Norske Forsvarsmateriel to supply combat support vehicles of the types ACSV G5 to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Until now, a contract has been entered into for the delivery of 44 new carriages of the type ACSV G5, where part of these are of this type of combat air defense, the exact number is uncertain, but some have been made sp far, including the one you see in the picture above

Those vehicles are built in Norway at RITEK AS in Levanger, Norway

In the picture above we see the Norwegian company Konsberg Defence & Aerospace revealing the Norwegian army’s new anti air fefence at Kongsberg. So far the Norwegian army has some Humvee HML equipped a launcher for many various missiles. These wagons will be used together with the humvees. Norway has not used any mobile anti air like this exept the HML’s since around 2004, wich then was the Robot 70

These new carts here have very good off-road properties and can get to positions quickly and safely, because the cart is also small and light.

During the late 2023 and early 2024 we will see more of those vehicles and receive much more information about these vehicles due to the production being delayed because of the recent pandemy and ongoing wars. it has been trouble getting enough components like steel for the building of those vehicles

In game this would be a fun vehicle at the top rank, mobile and with dangerous missles, should be able to support the teammates effectively from helicopters, planes, drones and much else! iris-t missiles for planes, attack drones and helicopters and the Kongsberg protector RWS for smaller stuff like recon drones, eventual regular drones and helis/missiles. i am a little unsure about the rws tracking system

Here is a nice picture showing the vehicle, how it is designed to work

This viritual image lacks a lot of details, but shows some of the vehicle

Here is one with better details



Type: Short-range air-to-air missile
Place of origin: Italy, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Spain
Manufacturer: Diehl Defence, Avio spa, Litton Italia, Leonardo S.p.A.
Price per missile: 4 626 443, 10,- Norwegian Kroner

Mass: 87.4 kg
Length: 2.94 m
Diameter: 127 mm
Wingspan: 447 mm
Warhead: HE/Fragmentation
Detonation mechanism: Impact and active radar proximity fuse
Engine: Solid-fuel rocket
Operational range: 25 km
Flight altitude: Sea level to 20,000m
Maximum speed: Mach 3
Guidance system: Infrared homing / radar homing (IRIS-T SLX)
Launch platform: NASAMS






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The only downside here is the operational range of the missile is way too far for War Thunders current ranges.

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Yes it is, i guess it would work at shorter ranges?

It is quite modern so i guess it would anyways be quite a while until it could be implemented, mabye the gameplay changes a bit in the future, with more modern vehicles coming?

This missile is what it uses now, but from my understanding it should be able to use more/other missiles, considering most of the still being built, time will show

Looks sexy but would this be for Sweden, Germany or perhaps both?

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It is Norwegian so i see only 2 options, wich is either in the swedish tree or in a new norwegian/danish tree

The netherlands are building their own verison as well, simlar but i am not sure about their modifications but that way i guess there will be one for germany :)

The chassy (acsv g5) are being built on lisence in Norway, and the weapons/systems from Kongsberg and pur together.

New and better SAM’s in the Swedish tree, yes please! Also, if this missile is already in the game, then it would make sense for them to add it, not just because it’s 1. Already in the game, 2. If it’s in the game, It’s not an overkill distance. However, it is a long range when they add the Gripen, which is 100% coming by December of this year. It would make sense for them to add it to the Gripen and this.

+1 for eventual addition to Sweden as the next top tier SAM system.

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Small update

Updated some of the armament part, and added the AIM 9X Sidewinder missile after new information announced.