Acquiring tank and crew

Relatively new to the game, and I’m confused by the new crew function when acquiring a new tank. So I have just researched and acquired the Stug. III G, and I bought a new crew for this vehicle. But now my Tiger H is missing from the start out queue, and I’ll have to get a new crew for that vehicle as well. How does this work???
Iat Erik

You need to buy crew slots. I think 5 of them are for SL and then you can buy more for GE.

Then you can simply bring 5 vehicles into battle, each on its crew slot. You can also make presets, its right under crew slots and by default its says Aviation, Army and Naval.

Ideally put tanks and airplanes into same crewslots so their training is shared on same vehicles types.

You can have a variable number of crews for each nation. 3 by default, you can buy 2 more with ingame currency (i.e. for free). More than that requires premium currency. I personally use a total of 5 crews on each nation i play.
EACH CREW has to be trained for the vehicles you want it to operate. You can train ALL crews on ALL vehicles, but it is extremely expensive as you go along. Each vehicle i have only has ONE CREW that can use it.
Normally you train crews on vehicles so you can make lineups…so each crew is trained on vehicles of DIFFERENT BRs, as an example you can have one on 1.0, 1.7, 2.3 vehicles, other is on 1.0, 1.3, 2.0, etc…so each time you want to play, you can use three or more vehicles of same BR.
It requires some management…but to me it is part of the fun. Each time i get a new vehicle i have to decide which crew will use it.
To complicate things…if you play RB or Naval, crews can be trained on different types of vehicles…planes, ships, tanks. Here it gets a bit more complicated as it is better to specialize a bit. I play mostly tanks AB…no such issue here.