Aces of Thunder for PSVR2

With the removal of the previous forums there is no place to check and see if anybody had any new news regarding Aces of Thunder coming to PSVR2. So, I created a new topic in the new forum. It would be nice to occasionally get “official” updates from Gaijin regarding development of the new game, like…we are currently still working on it…or maybe…development is going great, applications for beta testers are coming soon…or how about we have a release date and it is xxxxxxxx…etc. etc.

Of course if any users have info otherwise, please do share.

I am seriously looking forward to downloading the new Aces of Thunder exclusive to PS5/VR!

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Gaijin, is there an “official” Aces of Thunder website in the works for updates about the game, i.e. supported flightsticks, updated/confirmed release date etc. etc.? If not, do you intend to add a page here within the War Thunder website?

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Does anyone know, if Thrusmaster Hotas 4 would be supported?

Just for the “devs” information, I tried Project Wingman with PSVR2 and it only supports current dualsense controller. And let me share with you, it is a horrible experience. I mean, although the graphics and gameplay is horrible for Project Wingman, it could be still playable if they made it Thrustmaster Hotas 4 compatible.

I hope Gaijin will take this feedback into the consideration

It’s meee Ag!!! 😃