Aceing all tech trees

How many of you out there are trying to ace all tech trees? And if you are, how many of you are actually attempting to ace the naval tech trees?

I myself am at about 6.7 battle rating or above on all ground vehicle armies. I’ve made some random interludes into the aerial vehicle tech trees based on planes secured through the Battle Passes, but now I’m working my way through the rank 1 levels of all air forces. I’m even treating myself to premium vehicles, decorations, decals and camouflages every pay period because I don’t really have any vices and this is where I get my endorphins. But I find it really difficult to grind in the naval section.

How many of you are like me, OCD driven grinders and how many of you are playing all vehicle sections?

I guess you mean spading, acing everyone would cost multiple lifetimes in the current low progression model or tens of thousands of euros.

Even spading is not really attainable anymore. Coastal earns very little, so do heli’s so researching them and spading them all takes forever.

I main one (US) and play some other nations around rank III-IV, what in general are the most fun ranks to play.

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I also am an OCD spader. I’m at 7.7 or 8.0 on all nations’ Ground tech trees, and once those BRs are all spaded, I’ll start work on 8.3 (most of which are already unlocked). From 8.3, I guess I’ll slow down & play more Air & Naval.

In Air, I’ve spaded all nations (except Sweden & Israel) to 3.7. Currently working on 2.0 Sweden; after that, I’ll do all nations simultaneously - I want to go slowly, as I enjoy props a lot more than jets.

In Naval, I’ve only dabbled a little bit. That is pretty much virgin territory for me so far.

For me, the weirdness of OCD shows itself when I feel compelled to spade vehicles that I don’t particularly enjoy, such as SPGs. Still, it scratches an itch.

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When I started, back in 2014, I did my best to spade every new vehicle I acquired. Times were simpler then, just planes, only 5 nations and 5 tiers was all that were available . . . and far less vehicles. I made the decision to try and get all the vehicles there were and yes . . . my OCD most likely prompted that choice . . . lol. And I did manage to do it . . 5 or 6 times and even after they added tanks. Well, the first 3 nations, Germany, Russia and the US . . . but once Britain & Japan got tanks and they introduced the Maus, t-54’s and other more modern tanks and planes . . . just got to where I couldn’t keep up anymore. Adding the other 5 nations, 2 more tiers and scads of new vehicles . . . it just isn’t practical anymore . . . at least not without spending a vast amount of money.
My old “system” was, acquire a new vehicle, put it in a slot, set it to Expert crew and then play it until it was spaded. It wasn’t near as hard then and doing this came fairly easy as new vehicles could generally fit into whatever line up I had for that nation at the time anyway. Doesn’t work like that anymore, but that’s ok. I don’t play high tier and that’s basically all I have left to get now anyway, so . . no rush. I currently have 1819 total vehicles, with only 1064 fully spaded atm. So, as you can see . . I haven’t done my old “system” for a good while. Heck I don’t don’t even spend SL’s to slot new vehicles very often now either. . . I just have too many to play as it is, so . . . . it’s been fun grinding out the vehicles I have gotten and that does include a great many premiums, but . . I don’t specifically grind for new vehicles much anymore. I have opted to just work the BP, doing the Daily/Special tasks each day. I still manage to get 1- 2 new vehicles a month doing that, so it’s ok. But yeah, the game has become quite a bit of work if you are a “completitionist” . . . to say the least . . . but I wish anyone/everyone that chooses this path the best of luck . . . … 8 )

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The only techtree that I’m aiming to complete, but probably never will, is Germany.

And my completionism is basically unlocking all modifications.
Earlier, I also went ahead to get the camouflages. Decals. Master of disguise title.
But now, it seems a bit overwhelming to go for camouflages.

Being free to play and otherwise not able to use premium currency, aside from occasional gifts and trophies, doesn’t help much.

In the past, I managed to reach rank 5 on ground forces. While managed to get 10.5 tiger and coelian, panther 2 and Maus was lost, as I took a long break.
I was on the verge of greatness in planes, I was this close to reaching jets…
Kind of still am, but I’m a bit reluctant to engage in the masochism of higher BRs.

As for other factions, I mostly have access to 1-2 ranks, 3 rank unlocked in a few places. Except for naval forces.

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I feel the same about vehicles that I don’t particularly enjoy. I’ll move on to another nation until I have a task that requires that type of vehicle then go back and grind on it that way. Battle Pass tasks are usually pretty good grinders, unless they require using a vehicle awarded by the Battle Pass, then they are usually pretty fun. We should squad up some time.

The spade always makes me think of the Ace of Spades and flying planes makes me think of Flying Aces, so I always refer to it as acing with my son. We have 3 accounts between us, 1 XBOX account, 1 Steam account and I only play on my log in stand alone account anymore. I agree some of the mid to lower ranks have the best game play and are way less sweaty. I haven’t gotten into the helicopters much yet, but I will. I used to love to play Battlefield 2 and the heli’s were huge for me.

I plan on completing the tech trees, but not spade nor ace.
I only intend to spade my favorites.

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I have an XBOX account that I played for about 2 years, but now I’m on PC with a download stand alone log in account. My son plays on his Steam account and every once in a while i get on his rig and play. I’m immediately bothered by how much he jumped around in the tech trees with his choice of spading and just researching and never slotting vehicles just to get the next level in order to obtain some jet. I can easily drop down into the lower ranks and spade vehicles pretty quick with my experience. I know what you mean about the vast number of vehicles available and I also have to drop back to research, add and spade new vehicles to keep my tech tree complete. I do find myself dropping down to the lower ranks to play for daily tasks, especially when I happen to get a new camouflage for an older tank. It’s hard to tell which tanks were the best by looking at your own service record. A low number of kills may mean that you spaded relatively quick thus meaning it was OP. Or it may mean that you could have benefited from a booster on a rather grindy vehicle. Sounds like you’ve got some great vehicle line ups. We should squad up some time.

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I’ve come quite a few players that favor the Germany or USSR tech trees. I was really impressed with their vehicles and planes early on, but there is so much “Cross Mojination”, to quote Austin Powers, with all the captured premium vehicles and planes. I really have enjoyed playing all the different nations and their tech trees. Some are definitely more grindy than others and have armor disadvantages, but worth the experience. The only camouflages that I had gone for in the past were the awarded ones. Now I consider buying the community created ones that you can preview in the hanger. I like the ones that come in the award crates, I don’t really mind buying the key as long as I get something quality. I really obsess over the decals. As soon as I saw that there were occasional holiday decals in the news section and also the monthly task related decals, I was hooked. Now I have a YUGE collection of decals and decorations. I’ll probably start collecting the foliage camouflage decorations next. I’ll probably start with the ones I can get in the Warbond shop. Hit me up if you want to squad up in German tanks some time, I’ve got the Maus.


Cool. That should come quite easily as you play more with your favorites and the spading just happens quickly and organically. Researching and slotting everything in all the tech trees can still be a grind, but that is the reason to jump on everyday so that you can get those free boosters every time you log on. It slows down the higher you get, but when you’re having fun and playing well it passes by surprisingly fast.

I’ve spaded every researchable prop in the game. Now (slowly) working my way through spading ranks 5 and 6.

That said, I always find myself going back to props after a handful of games in the compressed mess that is 8.7 — 9.7. Hopefully purging the bots will help, but routinely finding myself in a 8.0 or 8.3 plane in a 9.0/9.3 game is…rough. There are not many full uptiers in a prop game I can’t punch my way out of, but the technological compression that occurs between 8.0 — 10.0 is bonkers and can quickly become very unenjoyable.

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I have had a very similar experience to you. I religiously made sure i spaded every vehicle before moving onto the next. That all changed though when Gaijin removed a bunch of the Russian SB planes with little to no notice. Ever since then i was just racing to research as many vehicles as possible before other vehicles got culled and became more of a collector. In 2013/2014 it was just planes. Now i have 1634 vehicles of which only 912 are spaded. Of all of them, i have only completed one tree… Russian Blue water and I’m 1 ship of the same for the Americans.
I don’t grind for new vehicles so much any more as I never really got into jets or modern tanks. I’m much happier in the 4.0-5.7 br and mainly looking at BP targets. I still get new vehicles every so often even though I’m earning a fraction of the potential RP by using lower tiered vehicles.


Same, but then Gaijin heinously removed the Panther II, Flakpanzer 341 and Tiger II10.5cm kWk, and as a German this just isn’t my Nation’s Tech Tree anymore since that mutilation. Should I succeed with my plan to obtain the IS-7, I will move on to the E100, it does get Coupons sometimes and the Market is capped at 2000GJN.

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and when you have those vehicles others will come out , and when you have those others there will be more and more , you will never finish , believe me , play for fun or you will burn .
Someone who has all the tanks and planes tells you, you stop playing for 6 months and you are already missing 5 or 6 vehicles per country, it’s crazy, it’s not worth it.
Someone tells you that if he could… he has already told you, he would sell you the panther, tiger 105, coelian, is7 (I don’t have the e100, it resisted me the 2 times I had the opportunity to get it, the Last time I was 5 positions away from having it) and all those junk that I don’t use and that most of them are useless.

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This reminds me of the Absurdist approach to life, like Sisyphus whose entire life became the task to roll a big boulder up a hill just for it to roll down again, over and over. So in the end, all he could do was smile and be happy as the ultimate defiance against the forces who condemned him to this existence.

But I do not like this approach, it still feels kinda submissive and defeatist. Great minds of the Existentialist approach like the great Friedrich Nietzsche however are much more to my liking. I try to set my own conditions, goals and reasons. I determine my path. And I think everyone should have the liberty to do the same.

War Thunder is Absurd. There is Russian Bias, inconsistencies with vehicle implementation standards, (Yak-141 or M1 KVT okay but 3 Germans not), Vehicle gatekeeping etc. I am not gonna chuckle and grind on like Sisyphus in an absurd reality.

Thus my goal of Vehicle Ubiquity is so central to me, because it would allow all players to follow their own path, be it to Ace a TT, have a purely SPAA based lineup, or to collect all vehicles.

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Nice! That’s quite an accomplishment to spade all the prop planes in the game. I’ve only experienced the jets in ground arcade games, but I find them pretty fun. Of course you can’t get up tiered when flying jets in a ground arcade game, but I have been up tiered in prop planes in air arcade.

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I imagine I will have some of the same issues soon enough. I do find the upper battle ratings rather sweaty at times and not very fun. That’s when I also fall down to lower tiers and enjoy the game play.

Isn’t the IS-7 one of the most expensive vehicles on the market place right now?

Yes, but Lootboxes mostly lower the Market price temporarily, because there are still people who get stuff despite the abyssmal droprate, with some players selling. Last year the IS-7 dropped to “just” 1150 GJN that way.

Of course there is no telling what will happen this time, because the Object 279 for example hardly dropped in market value when it was in boxes this April. Not sure why the price saw little to no change there.

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