Account blocked for unsportsmanlike behavior

Hello, my account was blocked for unsportsmanlike behavior. When I was blocked, it was indicated that I was blocked for using bots and/or using cheats. Although I didn’t have any of this installed and somehow there was no point in using them, I have 800 hours on my account, quite a lot of premium equipment, the German branch was almost completely downloaded, also on my account there was an abrams m1 kwt, f4-a phantom, turms- T, mig 23ml. Why should I risk such an account? All that was installed from unofficial content were Ukrainian camouflages on turms-t and mig, which did not give me any advantage. PLEASE issue a deban of the account, and if this is not possible, then transfer everything that was to the new account tobezh (all equipment, both upgraded and regimental, premium) you don’t have to return the premium account

Contact GM/support, forum is not a place for appeals

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Prepare for impact of the community ;-)

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Support, GM handle chat bans


can you give them their nicknames?

With ban on the account, you need to contact support

I contacted them and they said everything according to the template and did not give a specific answer. I don’t want to offend anyone, but there is no help from them

Well, you have to keep trying, sadly no one here can help you.
Now that was something else.

in particular, due to the fact that I am from Ukraine and wrote to Russian support, and because they respond once a day, it is not possible to conduct any constructive dialogue with them

As i said above, if you want your account back, you need some kind of a proof you are innocent, and you have to keep trying to talk with them. No one here can help you, no matter how much we want.

Well, in any case, thank you, you are the only people who quickly answered and at least somehow helped

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Sadly i wasnt able to do much, but good luck.

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Forum is no place for talking about in-game bans, no one here will be able to help. GMs only deal with chat bans and nickname related bans. For bans that were issued for cheating you have to contact Gaijin Support via Ticket.

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Everything is explained on this thread:

^ That, Thanks guys!

But, if it is account ban for using bots / AI etc… then you need to contact Support… tho, you have very little to no chance of getting the account back… if by the off chance it is a mistake, then again only support can help