Account ban

my account was banned a few months ago. I thought it would be funny to change my username to Adolf_Hitler and a couple months after i was banned. i was told my account could be unbanned by changing it which i had to pay money to do and after i changed it i was told to PM a game mod on the forum which i did twice. It is frustrating that none of them will help me and my account is still banned since I have spent hundreds of hours and lots of money in the game.
What should I do?

If you changed names and contacted them just to be told you’re not getting unbanned for doing it twice, you’ll probably stay banned

Or did you mean you messaged them twice and didn’t get a response?
in which case you can try waiting a day or two

i messaged one and they never responded after a week of waiting i messaged a differant one and didnt get a response either.

You need to contact Support, not the Forum Moderators and you can change 1 time the name for Free with no pay so you had another name before that chance.

Go to Support and apply Ticket because here I don’t think someone can help you unban the acc

it said to personally message a game master on the forum

That’s what is needed. I contacted one a few months ago about a different issue and got a reply fairly quickly.

Just need to message one that has been active recently: Game masters - War Thunder — official forum

Didn’t quite work out, me thinks

Bro why would do dat

Bro can’t even read EULA and TOS

And thats wrong? I see many russians with the name stalin

American/western thinking is not gonna apply in a Russian game

Then they need to be reported when you see them

^ That

Tho, its best to PM Senior GMs in this sort of case

And the official page for contacting Staff