Accidental TK by Artillery


I am wondering why I or any player gets penalized for a TK, when a teammate knowingly enters a zone that I have started a barrage? 15.9K SL penalty to be exact, so why is this? Should it not be up to the other players to stay away from the artillery barrage area? I should not lose this kind of SL for others entering my arty zones.


Then stop spamming arty on CQC team mates.

God, I got so many times TKed by arty, because someone was spamming arty on enemy when I was CQC with them.

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Cause that is the kind of players you are teammed with, they see the orange smoke, they see a marker on the mini map(if they look at it), they see the first explosive salvos and still they rush the zone where the artillery hits.

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One thing is when your teammates asks for artillery at your position, that’s teamkilling, another thing which is what the OP is talking is when someone moves into the artillery, that is your fault.

Bad luck.

Re-read my post. I don’t spam arty when I know there are teammates in CQC.

Because artillery should be placed with care and not a haphazard rolling barrage over the entire map

It’s for rooting out light tanks or getting a lucky knock out on a disabled tank, you should only use it when you know a target is there

Arty spam at the beginning of the match is quite annoying, it’s about the only time I know of where a friendly TK might happen

Who said anything about spamming arty? Re-read my post. Geez! I even give teammates a heads up before I activate my arty, I don’t use it to TK, I activate when I know there is a concentration of enemy tanks on the battlefield without friendlies near by. It’s like a bombing run, I won’t attack enemy tanks with an aircraft loaded with bombs if there are friendlies nearby. Do you think I want to lose 16K SL???

Where did you place your artillery that your team mate was able to move in to it?

It does happen quite a lot when you place it on an enemy point and a fast little light tank from your own team rushes to get the cap, certainly frustrating but doesn’t happen very often if you’re careful

Don’t put it on the cap that you’re trying to cap though, you put it on the other side, where the enemy will be coming to back it up from.


Certainly, it did take me longer than it should to learn these things :)

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I actually watched a video about the things games assume that you know, which makes things harder… Which was quite an interesting watch.

Very different gamestyle this. So different. xD

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