Abusive player names

this one is to moderators…
When you type in ‘Auschwitz’ in player search you will find a bunch of uneducated idiots and brainless trolls.
I personally reported one of them when I saw him in battle. It was two weeks ago and this player is still active.

Would you kindly explain how report mechanics work? Do you need 100+ reports, or one is enough to trigger investigation? Is it instant action, or monthly one? Do you even care there is such sh…t going on within the game?

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One the report is done by you, It will be checked of course! No need for 100 reports, as long as your report is accurate to what you’re reporting, they review it. About how long dose it take, I don’t know.

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Basic issue is there are LOTS of offensive possible names…and ways to hide them. AFAIK they check reports and also actively look for offensive names and other stuff (chat, behavior, etc…).
Human nature is “complicated”, so any game has a lot of offensive stuff by players…and i saw also complaints about “excessive” control on occasion…(people that dont agree when their nickname is banned).

Short version…if you see a offensive name…report it…they will look into it…


^ That, we do not go searching for names. but they should be reported if you encounter them and then Game Masters can pass them on to be dealt with / forced name change

May not happen straight away, but it can depend on severity of the name… so some names will be actioned quicker than others

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