Abusive Decals

This idiot is proudly sporting Z’s on his tanks. Private info removed. This is totally unacceptable that he is allowed to do this. I have inlaws that are Ukrainian, aswell of a lot of people that play. I find it disgusting that the makers are allowing this to happen.
Private info removed
Private info removed

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Customization of vehicles

Your solution for now. I will not take part in political discussions here because they escalete quickly.


Who cares
Just turn off player decals


They’re not necessarily allowed, Gaijin just has no means to enforce their rules.

First, no insults. Second, this is a topic that has been discussed several times. Third, if you believe something is inappropriate, please report it to any game masters as the forum is not intended for such matters.


Its a war game. Get over it.

Do game masters act on provocative decals? what information should i include in my report?

what if people make swastika decals and put on their tanks it is fine too?


Seriously, do people actually get upset about this kind of stuff?

I honestly have no idea. However, I believe you can take a screenshot and the player nickname involved as well as the cause for the report. It is preferable to contact a game master directly for additional information!

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funfact in Germany sporting the Z can be considered a felony after StGB § 140

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It’s not a Z, it’s a N on a decal that contains the letter N turned 90 degrees, you can see the rest of the word above and on the wheels of the tank.
As far as I remember Gaijin removed certain decals to those that still didn’t had them to avoid this and like someone else said you can just disable them in options if you feel offended by them.
It’s not allowed by the rules of the game as far as I know, so you can always report it.
Personally, I prefer to know who is who in the game and let them live in their alternative reality.

send a screenshot+replay in a dm