Abusing of helicopter J out mechanics

Today in squadron battles I have noticed a player abusing a game mechanic of J-ing out on the helipad. He was using a G-lynx with stinger missiles, sitting on the helipad and hitting J as soon as a plane came in to strafe him. This made it impossible to get him out of the game, while ignoring him would lead to instantly getting an unflarable missile getting launched directly onto me. I believe this is an exploit of game mechanics which should be patched, and players who abused it to be punished.

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Its an annoying mechanic. Too bad they don’t give half a shit about squadron battles

Players who abuse it are annoying, I agree, but they shouldn’t be punished for using a game mechanic to their advantage that has been in the game since helicopters were a thing.
Another example of this is with aircraft in air realistic battles, where you can J out and survive multiple strafes too.
I believe that the airfield AA in SRB should be removed, and this mechanic should be patched, like you said.

If you J out twice in past 2 minutes game will block that machine you have been J outing from, for the rest of battle.

I think you should be able to J out as much as you want, but you should be vulnerable to attacks while J’d out.

Remember when “gamers” actually played the game? Those were the days.

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Allowing everyone to camp the heli pads by giving them cosmetic air defense doesn’t really help either.


Its not an intended mechanic so it should be punished imo.

Well, I don’t think they made helicopters invulnerable while J’d out accidentally (from what I can tell), so I think it definitely is an intended mechanic. However, the abuse of this mechanic may not be intended.
Same could be said with airfield aa, where that’s definitely not an unintended game mechanic, that people abuse. It’s not necessarily the fault of the player, since the bad game design allows this to happen.
This is similar to how people complain about spawn campers after their whole team dies.
Is it the fault of the players or the game for letting these people get spawn-camped?
Actual unintended game mechanics, like phasing through buildings and shooting through them, should be punished, as it’s much clearly going against TOS.

Unfortunately, this is still quite vague, so I am not completely certain.