Absurdly high sensitivity for joysticks on console since major update Alpha Strike

For some reason the Alpha Strike major update resulted in the sensitivity on console being upped to extreme levels making it hard to aim aircraft without lowing the sensitivity by a lot of near impossible to mark stuff on the map. We would like to know why that is the case.


Fr. Same here, and i dont know where to find a config to reduce this, in ground rb like u said, is impossible to mark enemies

Still no update on why it is like this. No fix either

I guess gaijin just hates console

No, if there is an issue you need to report it as a bug. Gaijin does not really anwer issues on this forum, as it is for game discussion.
These links should help you to the proper avenues.

The problem is gaijin doesn’t see this as an issue since it affects the minority of their player base aka console. If it was a pc issue they would care

Look, I’ve given you the tools to make Gaijin aware of the issue. If you choose not to utilize those tools, then it won’t be seen or addressed. You can blame Gaijin all day, but your inaction is the reason you won’t get help. The forums, especially Game Discussion, is not the proper place to expect help with in game issues from Gaijin. Players may be able to give advice, but issues like yours MUST be addressed to Gaijin through the “report and issue” link under Community in game.

The sensitivity physically can’t be turned down. Put out a bug report like many others, none have been noticed yet.

If gaijin ever notices, it will be years later after we all quit the game