Absurd battlepass

Obviously, this is a disputable opinion. I don’t waste anymore time trying to complete the battlepass. I don’t, for example, have unity of era 8 and I don’t have any helicopters. Besides, to force the consumers to play with the ships (I don’t like they) I don’t think that it’s correct.

No one is forcing you. You don’t have to do every mission to get all the rewards. Don’t play ships then don’t. But if you do then make the effort to get them. This is why they make boats rewards in the first place, to encourage naval play and give vehicles you can use in the BP and events.


you dont actually need helicopters for this weeks challenge. you can just destroy them with tanks or planes. The battlepass should cater to the whole player base, not just the popular game modes like tanks and planes.

You can unlock a rank 3 destroyer from the battlepass, and you can also purchase a rank 2 coastal ship from the warbond shop to assist in the naval challenges


Basicly what I was saying

I complete the BP with tier 2 and 3 tanks .I never go above 6BR

Why would you need that for? What is it in the first place?

Y’all need to get over it. The BP is designed to incentivize playing all nations and gamemodes. If you don’t like it, get over it.


Good laugh today: The new challenge is on with 7 torp kills.
So I play a japanese lineup, get “Encounter Norway” and come home with all 7 torp kills in one match. Joy!


I agree ,its there for those who want it.

I dont do Navy at all but I am doing the current BP .I wanted the Plane and may have a place for the tank at some point. Its also about the other stuff.
I have a couple of decent Ships from BP if I ever get into it at some point so its not wasted.

Only thing I might say is a choice of task (GRB) would be useful as everybody has a different line up, Can cost me a bit of SL to change over the task as kills is the only one I can do in a short time without the luck element being so strong.

Nobody forces BP on anyone. I paid for it my choice. The challenges bring a fresh perspective for many.


Yep - and 15 sets of multiple kills within 15 seconds of each other also trivial.

OTOH I dont 'play high level ground RB - so no helicopter kills for me - meh - I’ve still got all the vehicles with several challenges left to go.

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The first BP season proved that it can be designed with BP tasks to accommodate players of all types. Every season since then, has just been used as a manipulator tool to con us into playing modes we have no interest in. All tasks should be able to be completed with a choice of air, ground, or naval.

The BP tasks can be supplimented with daily tasks, but Gajin is on a mission to nerf them as well… Just look at the Critical Hit task debacle. And besides, nobody wants to spend that much time doing dailies, because it’s the least efficient (and unfun) way to play.

These tasks aren’t designed to benefit the players. They’re designed to benefit Gaijin…


What is the best way to do them?

Open your wallet of course.


I dont’ recall that - I do recall using all modes to complete it and get the title tho’ - is ther a list somewhere?

I’m sure there are a number of people who agree - but I don’t - I find the dailies easy and a simple way to focus on a mode and objective.

Thee whole game is a profit making exercise, not a social service!!


I skimmed over a video going over it and it appears they were all complete-able in all gamemodes. All though some would have been easier in certain game modes.

Yeah, most days I just login to do the dailies.

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I would agree, if the task was ‘Buy 200 GE’ or ‘Buy premium time’.
Now they will probably read it and we will have such tasks in the next battle pass…
*Thanks god I didn’t mention retraining crew lost in battle for gold… *
Oh dang!

You don’t have to. Play arcade ground at BR 9-10. I needed two matches with choppers to get it done. SPAA is your friend.

Some of them, yes. So I do change them for SL until I find something that I would want to do. Some I avoid, cause it takes too much time.


You don’t need to complete any naval challenges to get to the final level of the warbond shop. It will make your life easier though to engage with the entire game, which is the purpose of a battlepass. To have engagement with all aspects of a game.

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Battlepass is for all players. Nobody cares if you dont want to play this or that…

I was about to give up on the heli one, but then I realized I could uptier the Kugelblitz to 8.0 (AB) using the Maus, and bam, done in one match.

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