Abrams guid

I pre ordered the clickbait a while ago. i don’t play USA a lot, but i figured to clean it out of the dust and grind the Tree sometime or later. I noticed the Abrams is weak around the turret and glassis on most or could be my luck, I tried doing hull down, but the cheeks of my turret still get fucked, is there any tips on how to avoid taking less damage ? Again, I Don’t play USA a lot, I mainly main Russia, Sweden, And Germany.

The only thing I can thing of is to wiggle your turret when reloading, increasing the chance of a bounce or hitting your strong turret cheek.

But beyond that, there’s not much you can do. Everybody and their mother knows that to kill an Abrams, you shoot just below the barrel and that will get the breach and 2 or 3 crew members.

When playing the Abrams just rely on your great reload and good mobility to stay alive. Get an expert or ace crew if you haven’t already.

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try to play hull down as much as possible and peek at people who arent looking at you at all.
when in city maps never push out and try to hold corners or hold sight lines.
you basically have to play as safe as possible since it is so easy to one shot an abrams 100% of the time.
try to be as ratty as possible and play with the team or have some squadmates so you or they can bait a shot to the gun breach and then the rest go out and kill the enemy.

There is no way your turret is being penetrated by anything other than an Object 292 (if he’s lucky).
Also, your tank is very mobile and has great gun depression and a frankly DISGUSTING reload speed - you will simply need to get acquainted with the vehicle more, as the Abrams is certainly not lacking.

One thing that you may have not thought about is crew levels. Since you said you don’t play USA and have bought a top tier premium - I’m guessing your crew levels are extremely low.

Crew skills for tanks are one of the most P2W aspects in the game and the difference between a trained expert crew of level ~80 and, for example, a level 10 non-expert crew is essentially two different vehicles.

Edit: If you got the GE - I’d spend some of it on crew skill points. 100 GE is 1500 crew skill points which I think is a pretty fair trade.

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when I started, most my crew levels are half maxed, Im top tier most nations now so no need to worry about that thanks though, im mostly an air player but im experienced in Ground :)