Abrams engine volume being way too loud. same for tanks shooting rockets or atgms

trying to play with my abrams i got the click bait and some tech tree abrams like the hc and the m1a1 aim. trying to get the sound settings just right for playing america is just hell on earth since the turbine engines are so loud af and i like playing on max volumes like gun sounds etc but the deafening engine is such a pain and making other players engine volume louder doesnt help since your team will be full of abrams also so its just a deafening chorus of turbine engines and trying to hear enemy tank engines that are holding in some sneaky spots becomes impossible. so would be nice if gaijin did something to the turbine engine sound volume when you drive them etc. also one more thing is that rockets and missiles in ground have become so loud that when an ally lav-ad fires their hydras it becomes also impossible to hear anything.


this is just me coping and malding but i seriously find this annoying

Kinda funny for a tank nicknamed “whispering death”

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Real life: nicknamed “whispering death” because it can kill you even from up close without you being able to hear it coming. In fact, the sound of the tracks is heard before the engine itself.

War Thunder: “there’s an Abrams behind that building 300m away, I can hear its loud ass engine.”

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High pitched noises with a short wavelength (like a turbine) attenuate much, much faster than low-pitched noises with a long wavelength (like from a diesel). Its eerily similar to how radar waves work, funnily enough. Realistically you’d never hear that Abrams behind that behind that building since the structure would intercept, disrupt, and diminish them.

Yet one more thing Gaijin has modeled terribly.


Reduce the volume of the Abrams engine across all variants