About the T34-85E sale

Why players who get the T3485E at a cheaper price in this sale will be able to get avatars, titles and decals straight away. Whereas previously players who bought it at the original price could not get these bonuses directly, but had to do a lengthy quest to get them. Is this a complete unfairness?

Claim: I would like to get the avatar, decal and title included in the pack directly. Instead of doing that so called win 10 games quest.


I just find it funny that in order to find said pack i had to go to youtube anbd find a video providing me with a link to the stoire page because it does not show up in my store at all otherwise

fr dude. I cannot find that pack in my store neither.


I sort of agree. 10 wins is pure pain in 2023.


It’s odd because this is the first time I remember this happening, all other times when someone already owned a pack, they automatically get the new content when they usually play a battle.

10 wins in 2 weeks with one of the best tanks on its BR?

Solved yesterday, had lots of fun. :)

Doesn’t matter how good a vehicle is when the side loses. Unless it is down to one 5.7 to carry a team?

I dont play ground much anymore.

I am starting to remember why…

So for I have 1 achievement out of 11 games.
Why does my team always just sit back in spawn and wait for the slaughter?

Is it really?

Can’t work out which comment, doesn’t distinguish.

This one

My experience today (this morning session), yes. Not for me spading the first SARC, but every time I pull out the T-34-85 for the extras the team has other plans. My 100 and 120 SP games varied so still sat on 5/10. (And don’t really play Russia).

Still I’ve managed some dirty shots which made zero sense (as in throw a shot with no regard and get a OHK; then side shot on a Jagd IV and two on an M18 only to vanish into the ether). APHE (RU) is rather nasty when used to Solid or +5.7 Jap/German.

“Problem” is, as @Brave_Idiot alludes to, that winning a match is not often a teams/players goal. Spawn rushing and ignoring caps appears to be the meta, and usually team doing that gets mullered, since it is a game for fun not tryharding (to win).

now I know why I can’t Find that T34-85E its a pack and play these historical events mot then build a bear, now I know