About the super-étendard

when i looked at the dassault super-étendard, i was surprised, why does this aircraft only have magic 1s and not the magic 2 since it was equipped with thoses ?

we have already made several mentions of this problem via bug reports as well as the lack of carrying of the AS-30L on the plane but gaijin leaves the plane in this state

such a good plane it’s sad

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i was thinking, what do you think about adding the mirage g8?

Because then it wouldn’t be a 10.0 any more. The whole point was to add a 10.0 CAS plane and magic II’s pushes it up to around 11.0.


Magic IIs are definitely too much for 10.0, especially with the buff they’re getting, much less mention IRCCM. But as for the AS-30Ls, there’s 0 reason to call them too op for 10.0, especially when it only carries 2.

Figure you already have the A-10A Early with 6 AGM-65Bs, which aren’t as good as the AS-30L in some cases(the fire and forget aspect does hold some advantages though), and now the Buccaneer coming as well, the fact that Gaijin considers 2 AS-30Ls too op for 10.0 is ridiculous.

But, alas, better off waiting for another 5 years when they finally decide to add a proper SuE SEM 5 at a higher BR.

is it really a bad thing to push it to 11.0?

Well it goes from using it in a pretty solid lineup to one where its immediately made obsolete by the Mirage 2K-D1.

ok i see thanks

Not really like a line up exists at 10.0 anyways to really use it as it is. You either have to push vehicles up or bring it in a higher BR either way.

An 11.0 SuE is bound to happen at some point anyways, some times the subsonic attackers are almost preferred over supersonic so I wouldn’t say it’d be completely obsolete, just having a SEM 5 will just be nice no matter the BR. France has far more than just the 2000D for CAS at that BR range, you also have the 2000-5F and the Mirage 4000(which would be far more competitive option if it actually got it’s full GBU load instead of it’s current measly 2…). Just having options is always nice.

Its a fantastic lineup, lot of fun to play.

Pushing lower vehicles into slightly higher brackets is nothing new, every nation has lineups like that.

It’s not bad sure, and it’s definitely improved here lately, that’s fair enough.

One thing I do want for it though is a light tank

Oh for sure, the lack of French light tanks is pure criminal, especially for a nation that has quite a few light tanks. Sure, non-stabilized ones, but plenty of stabilized prototypes exist such as the AMX-10RC TML, Vextra 105(and 120), etc. Shoot, even stabilized prototypes of the ERC 90 exist.

The fact that the ERC 90 isn’t in the game is still beyond me, especially when they gave us the stupid MARS 15 which uses the same gun, if I wanted a tank that could die to 7.62, I’d rather have a small wheeled ERC than that shitbox of a tank.

Shoot, other versions of the VBCI would also be nice since there are versions that do have ATGMs as well, not just pure gun versions.

Yes, because then France lacks 10.0 CAS and a good 10.0 jet.