About the modern urban maps in the game

At present, all the metropolitan maps suitable for land combat in the game have a common feature, which is that these buildings will only appear in the center of the map, surrounded by open spaces and nothing. When Gaijin tried to create a bustling city, they overlooked this point, such as Alaska, Shervisk-13,Sun City, and freight ports. The isolated buildings make these maps look like rural areas rather than cities. On many World War II themed maps, these issues are not present. The map is surrounded by a large number of buildings, and we are only fighting in one area. For example: Rhine, Breslau.

Many land combat maps with rich scenes have been transplanted from air combat maps. Currently, some very beautiful metropolitan areas with huge architectural complexes have appeared in air combat maps. I really hope that Gaijin can visually supplement the existing maps and develop some land combat maps using these city maps from air combat as templates


At present, there are a wide variety of materials available for buildings on air combat maps. Gaijin can add them to isolated land combat maps (non player activity areas), which is very simple. These low-quality models will not have any impact on computer performance requirements and will not appear to have any problems at long distances

Comparing the air battle city map with the land battle city map, it is obvious that the land battle group is slacking off

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In my opinion about this map:
Oh god please no.
We,At least me,Had enough about urban CQB maps
This is not World of Tanks
Also we are not anti-US guerrillas who live in urban area.
The opinion only to this map:
Nightmare for SPAAs and CAS-with no thermal sight

Looking at the benefits, this type of map allows players to focus more on land combat and have the opportunity to avoid CAS. Currently, all SPAAs have no countermeasures against attacking aircraft in high altitude

Not everyone.81C and PantsirS1 can still fight and is the only 2 can fight
Terrain can provide air cover for tanks but also limited their situation awareness against Air CAS
This map can add some building.but no too much