About sweden

is it worth it to grind sweden over germany?

Depends on what you want, i think thats the better question. What BR do you want to play the most. Sweden honestly is only better at 10.0+ due to the plethora of unique light tanks and abundance of mbts. Whereas Germany has a bunch of fun and unique vehicles with some solid line ups all the way into top tier which in turn lacks proper 10.0+ light tanks to bring diverse gameplay. Overall i recommend germany as you get quite a unique and fun tree all around wheras the lower BR’s of sweden are filled with some unique additions but nothing to crazy and some are kinda mid. Regardless id choose whichever nation seems more appealing.

Pros for sweden:
Faster grind
(Currently) better top tier
Lots of light tanks
Small air tree, easy grind for CAS
Cons for sweden:
Only 1-2 vehicles max per update
Only decent cas at high tier is planes, heli grind sucks
Zero heavy tanks whatsoever
SPAA is BRed for TD role, suffers as AAA

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Eh low br CAS for sweden is kinda mid, ill take any other nation than sweden as the majority of other nations can put decent sized bombs on their fighter unlike sweden so i feel thats a poor point imo. Everything else is pretty decent

I like both, although I do find Sweden to be more fun. The low to mid tier vehicles (some with APDS and some with quick reloads are good (the IKV91 when it was at 6.7 was really fun!). They tend to have some great gun depression also.

For early CAS the B18B with it’s 2x 600kg bombs and A21A-3 with it’s 1x 600kg bomb are pretty good CAS.

I have been spoiled by the tu2’s for russia and the american air tree lol.

The B18B plays like the TU2 except a bit better handling once it’s bomb free.

Yeah but bigger bombs on the TU2 giving it much better CAS potential not to mention just more options at every br unlike sweden

Oh yeah I wanted to grind sweden from 1.0 to 8.0

are those BR fun?

3.7, 5.7, and 7.7 are all fun.
6.7 kind of doesn’t exist though.

Basically what Wisla said except im gonna add to this, 3.7 has two good tanks but without premium vehicles its not really a good lineup. Dont get me wrong they are great vehicles but if i said two tanks were good enough to make a lineup id say 6.7 is a viable swedish lineup. Id say 2.7 over the 3.7 linup up, then 5.7, and 8.0 are the better lineups. Btw the strv 103 A has about 4 degrees less gun depression than the strv 103 O so it does actually get in the way or being hull down. Regardless thats not many lineups.

3.7 is insane if you have the SAV and III/IV, though

If you read what i said i dont count premium vehicles, beside sweden isnt the only nation to have a strong lineup but lets be real the only reason its a stro g lineup is the sav.

Even non-prem sweden is alright, T-34, Pvkv II, and L-63 ANTI II at 3.7