About Mi-28N MAW

Hello, as the title states I’m very frustrated about the fact that the Mi-28N has no MAW (Missile Alert Warning System). Is that true to life? I’ve searched around a bit and have found almost nothing regarding the Mi-28N’s MAW. I’m baffled because the Ka-50, which is an older frame DOES have it, while the Mi-28 does not. Is this just an oversight or the Havoc is just not supposed to have it? P.S. how do you deal with ground threats without this vital feature? Thanks in advance.

Mi-28N should also have radar, but doesn´t have it. So yeah…

I’d be happy enough to have a missile warning, since it’s an 11.0 helicopter competing against itOs, Flarakrads, ADATS and whatnot.

Is there a way to beg gaijin to make it happen and at the same time not anger nato mains?