About how nuke system works in game

Okay, we all know and love nukes, but how funny is it that after very hard work, you spawn in the nuke plane and your tickets bleeds and ends the game? I believe that the ticket bleeding should be kept on a pause (Unless all players have left) until the nuke is dropped, this would especially make it so that getting a nuke can actually be possible, what’s the point of getting a nuke but not being able to drop the nuke in game, I hope the holy snail does something about this.

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No, if you didn’t achieve the sp cost in time you technically failed nuking. In school you could do a very good job on an assignment but if you did not turn it in on time it would either be a zero or partial grade. Either scenario is very frustrating but in the end it is what it is.


Still unfair, most of the time ur either about to win or lose, its rare u get a nuke early match.

I wonder why, you are funny

No. Pause the tickets and people will abuse it by just flying around the map and extending the game.

Maybe add a timelimit on how long you have till you drop the nuke?

So if the enemy team is “winning” but someone gets a nuke on the “losing” side, then the other team just has to sit there and wait for the plane to either drop a bomb, get shot down, or crash? Thats stupid.

Also why pause tickets when a nuke can just as well be shot down. Had a P-47 shoot a B-29 down before he could drop…why puse the game?

Who said they can sit there? they can shoot it down, also only for like 3-4 minutes

And what if they dont have SPAA or planes up, they own all the caps and just have to sit and wait for the nuke to come?

We already have a time limit. Tickets. You have until the tickets run out to get and drop the nuke.

It is not unfair.
Everyone is facing the same conditions. Deliver the nuke and do it on time.