About Gaining Squadron Vehicles

So for the past…honestly, a while, I’ve been trying to get the IJN Shimakaze and to this day I’m still a bit over 165k out of 260k. At first, I thought that it was just because of my squadron having less and less active players to generate those sweet, sweet activity points. Since then I got invited to a new squadron with more active players by a friend and the calculation I made at the time was that if I were to log in every day for a month, I should be able to get it.
As you know now, that didn’t happen. I never bothered to look into why, especially after the game made it so the Activity Points are collected to the desired vehicle automatically, just thought that even the new squadron activity wasn’t enough. But then today I finally got caught what’s up in the feed.
Then I checked my Squadron’s Activity Points and…
At first, I thought this must be a bug if I’m only a measly 10% of the income. To be sure, I checked the Wiki and it says:

So…how is this relative player activity calculated? If it’s the fraction of my activity score compared to the total Squadron’s score, it would mean I should get about 18% of the share (1713/9660)
And does it have to be a thing? Yeah, I know that it is probably a condition to prevent people from just joining a squadron just to get the vehicles and bugger off, but at the same time, if the vehicles can just be obtained easily by GE, can’t you just make it as easier for F2P players too?

It’s pretty simple - join a active squadron ( just the highest rank free to join) and make some good games in the 3 day period.
Check this:

After 1 or 2 days both “squadron activity” and “my activity” should be 43% to get a activity reward of 20 000 points.

Where did you access that window? And while that’s a good advice to get when 10% will result in still a lot of points, but I don’t want to leave the one I’m in currently due to the aforementioned friends.

Click on your squadron left to your name in the hangar → My Squadron → Activity.

But if your squadron is not very active and cannot get the 44% of squadron activity, you cannot do anything to get the 20k points.

You mean this button? Because if so, the window I get from that is just


Yes i mean this. But with only 13 members the battle is lost in advance. Better go for another more active one together with your friends.

That’s fair, though I don’t mind the squad getting lower end of the activity gain but me getting a fraction of that is confusing me and I was wondering how this “player activity” is calculated. Guess I should know now going forward for the next week I guess through the window you showed me.