About changes to the simulator tank battle lineup

Why did the Israeli Merkava tank “exist” disappear in combat mode, where the 64A tank is the highest level? This tank originally existed in this mode and disappeared one day and Gaijin didn’t mention this. Why on earth?

The Merkava certainly seems overkill in that bracket.

Can you tell me why? Merkava is not strong

It’s a lot stronger than anything else I can see on both sides.
The T-64A is the strongest vehicle I can see in both brackets, and it’s far inferior to the Merkava on almost every front, regardless of their relatively small BR difference.

How is it inferior? The firepower of the 64 is far superior to that of the Merkava, and its speed and protection are indescribably overwhelming.

A T-64A? Far superior firepower to the Merkava?
Indescribably better speed and protection than the MERKAVA 2D? A T-64A?

… You do realize that the Merkava’s M413 shell is superior to the 3BM22 shell of the T-64A?
… And that the Merkava’s almost 10 times faster in reverse?
… And that the Merkava is FAR more survivable? Indescribably so.
… And that your 150 Ace crew Merkava reloads faster than the T-64A?

I think you enjoyed bullying people in that sim bracket with the Merkava.

  1. The M413 shell from the Merkava has the same performance as the DM33 from the 105MM cannon. How is this superior to the 3BM22,15 shell?

  2. Do you move all maps in reverse?

  3. If the Merkava is hit anywhere by a Soviet tank, two crew members will die, and Soviet tanks will no longer die if hit on the side.

  4. Don’t you know that the time and effort you put in to achieve level 150 Ace Crew will be earned by T64 for free?

The Merkava is lethal in all areas, and the T-64 has strong immunity to 105MM shells. I say once again that this was because I took advantage of the Merkava’s characteristics, and this is not the result of a good tank.

It’s superior because… DM33 is superior to 3BM22?

Just look at the equivalent protection. Their flat pen is similar but M413/DM33 has far better angle performance than 3BM22. Incomparably better, in fact. As is to be expected from Western ammunition.

Your comment about reverse is meaningless - as reverse speed has many, many uses, both in CQC and in long range engagements.

The only soviet tanks that do not die when hit in the side are those equipped with heavy ERA on the side. Such as Kontakt-5 or Relikt. The T-64A being a very early Russian vehicle, has none of these things and only has 3mm aluminium side protrusions to reduce HEAT penetration.

Your comment about Ace crews makes no sense.

Hopefully this helps explain why the Merkava is considerably better than what appears to be 2nd best vehicle in that entire Sim bracket and why the Merkava 2D being in that Sim bracket was unbalanced.

However, 3BM22 also penetrates all parts of the Merkava tank, and the damage caused at this time is stronger than the 105mm in the superior caliber of 125mm.

Why is my opinion about backwards meaningless? Even if you travel backwards for 40 km, there is not much chance of escaping a crisis situation.

Are you responsible for spending money and time to develop the ACE crew? Why are you saying that?

The Merkava is good enough to be in battle in this lineup and it is not a disastrous tank for the Soviet Union or China.

3BM22 certainly does not penetrate the Merkava’s turret easily, and it certainly will have trouble spalling in the hull. Very specific spots in the analysis don’t really matter as I can also find the same thing when it comes to the Merkava shooting the T-64A.

Except the Merkava is a far superior platform to the T-64A.

The Merkava cannot easily penetrate the 64A’s turret, and the 64A can carry up to 3OF26 high explosive bombs, making it superior in all respects. Why do you say it overpowers 64A without playing Merkava?