Ability to re-earn or buy event vehicles

Good afternoon, Readers.

I am writing because I would like to request and or see if it is feasible. For the event vehicles that you miss, or were not able to obtain, due to well, lack of better term, life, I would like to see the ability to be able to obtain the vehicles we missed or were not able to obtain such as the “VL Myrsky II”, whether it be through the Marketplace or the ability to re-earn the event vehicles we have missed. Where it is a win-win for both the player and the Company, I understand the company still has to make money to keep running with a free to play game, but I also understand there’re players like myself that would like another chance at earning the vehicles in question, or the ability to purchase the event vehicles that are no longer available. I have added a poll from the War Thunder Live Community.
(Would you like the ability to have a second chance at event vehicles? - Online Poll - StrawPoll). Thank you for hearing my humble suggestion.

Very Respectfully, Volks63


This is already the case: in update trophies or crate opening events, there is a (fairly small) chance of getting certain vehicles from previous events. And many of them are also available on the market.

snail added the old events vehcile into the holiday chest, nearly all the old events vehicle.
So they can earn the 15% agenc fee on market.
Actually some of the events vehicle should be in the sliver TT, not the rewards of individual event.

The old warbond shop allowed players to earn rare/past event vehicles.

Now it’s just meta vehicles (currently available for purchase) over and over again. Which is very baffling given the comments in June whereby the goal was to prevent everyone from playing the same vehicles.

Putting old event vehicles back into the warbond shop would be a great move in that direction.