Ability To Control and Change Multiple Turrets Convergence For Aircrafts

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Hello everyone,

I want to suggest a change to how the convergence distance works for aircraft with multiple turrets, in simulator and realistic battle.

image.png.1cfbf09b3bfd96bf0a0849109a072cfb (1)

The idea here is to allow a key bind that can adjust the convergence distance of multiple turrets on an aircraft, when the player is manually controlling the gunners. (Note: the image below shows automatic targeting, however in simulator battle players can not select targets, also in my opinion manual adjustment allows for more skill expression).

For Arcade battle, this should be done automatically when the lead indicator appears.

Note: Again, this only applies when manually controlling the gunners! The standard AI gunners will still work as they do now.

Why add this you may ask?
I think this would be an excellent feature since this allows aircraft that have turrets mounted far apart to utilize their full potential when given the effort. Since on some aircraft such as the bv 238, P.108A, pe-8 or any aircraft that have turrets located far apart. When controlling the gunners manually, all of the turrets would converge to 250 meters of where you are aiming.

(why is the convergence distance fixed at 250 meters currently? I don’t know).

As seen here, the two crossstream marked blue are ineffective against the target the player is currently engaging. Only the red line is the stream of bullets that would be effective at damaging the target. This means 2/3 of the aircraft’s firepower is wasted when manually controlling the gunners to engage a target.

This causes most of the guns to miss their target entirely, and there is nothing the player can do to mitigate this issue. This means that using the gunners manually is not as effective as letting the A.I. gunner aim the gun, which shouldn’t be the case. Since skill and effort should be rewarded, and there shouldn’t be a limit to how people utilize their aircraft potential.

The goal of this feature is to reward people who learn how to calculate deflection and use their aim to engage the enemy instead of letting the automatic gunners do the job. It is very disheartening when players try to utilize their skills and get punished for it. There shouldn’t be an artificial limit on an aircraft’s performance that is not related to balance reasons. If the aircraft has that much weaponry, the player should be allowed to utilize them as they please.

Historically the gunners would either use their iron sight to aim their turrets, or in case of more advance bombers such as b 29, tu-4, aim with a central targeting computer. Meaning there shouldn’t be a fixed limit on where the turret would coverage.