AAM-4 wrong range and weight

So far, with what I’ve tried in test drive with AIM-120A and AAM-4 on the F-15J(M), I can easily hit the higher flying MiG-15 at 32 km launch range with a AIM-120A while flying M 1.1 - M 1.4 @ 7 km ASL while I need to be flying M 1.8+ and launching from 9 km ASL and only hitting 70% of the time with AAM-4.

The issue when I watched the missile with the tracking camera is how hard it lofts and then the speed bleed by the time it arches back down. This is especially worse on targets <3km. For example, when I aim for the MiG-15 that is flying lower (~1km ASL), when my launch parameters are M1.3+ and under 3 km ASL, my max effective range is 15km for the AAM-4 to have enough energy to reach the target. Though it can reach out to 18 km if the target is flying head-on and not maneuvering.

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Wait, then what numbers are the devs basing the current AAM-4 on?


Current seems to be a placeholder, I can’t imagine them actually believing it has a MICA motor.

Though I am both curious and afraid of what they might do about their “finished” AAM-4…

I hope they base the missile stats on whatever documents are available (even if it doesn’t fit Gaijin’s word for word standard), rather than just having something completely made up… trying to get the devs to change something once it hits the live server is like pulling teeth usually…


pretty much

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Why in the hell did they decide to add it if it just gets outperformed by AMRAAM anyway, and is a literal downgrade after the AMRAAM, weights more, less range and can carry only 4 of em

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I suspect that they expected people to come forward with all the necessary sources/information that they’re requiring.


Yea wow and then they are fucking suprised that people are leaking restricted stuff like fucking hell no wonder it’s happening. Just boggles my mind that they want concrete numbers for something that is so hard if not impossible to get because we are reaching the most modern stuff and they’re unwilling to just take the right, logical guesses as an answer

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And then they use fictitious numbers pull from who knows where for their current model of it too. Everyone is aware but despite our efforts, they won’t accept anything that we’ve thrown at them. Its a sad time to be a Japanese TT enjoyer.

Best part is the sources everyone here submitted is about as comprehensive as they get (short of getting actual classified documents) so the only thing they can do at this point is:

  • Implement the missile with stats based those available sources (which they don’t think is adequate enough)
  • Just make up their own numbers based on undisclosed Gaijin™ speculation and algorithms

Knowing their track record, they’ll probably implement something fictitious in the name of bALaNse, and then refuse to touch it forever once it hits the live server.

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Sometimes you do have to wonder if the tin-foil theory of it being some elaborate way to get people to leak secret documents is real lol.

It’s just weird that they’ve been tweaking the other ARH missiles but have done absolutely nothing with the AAM-4. Either they’re cooking something or they think it’s fine as is.

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Their way of getting sources is inherently flawed for modern vehicles anyways, since it basically boils down to this:

It’s honestly tiresome


Yea, it’s only going to get worse as time goes on.


i would honestly be happy if they just at least give the AAM-4 2 or 1.5 seconds more burn time. rn it reallly realllly lacks longer than 7km at low alt and 22km at high alt cant even get a target

i fr was thinking of the same thing. theres no point of adding it if they dont "know enough’’ information of something. ik japan keep their weapons very hidden but still those info we give them is a good enough proof

That’s not a good policy though, just because there’s not enough information by Gaijin, doesn’t mean there isn’t enough information within the communities that is willing to bug report things.

Here’s the catch that were dealing with. We provide the “good” enough information and it gets ignored for not fulfilling their criteria of valid sources.

Everything states that the AAM-4s have as much energy and range as at least the AIM-7s that the JASDF had used prior, but all sources we provided were denied as “not sufficient info” or “doesn’t have exact numbers”. If it requires any bit of inferring the stats, even if based on a known metric like the range of the AIM-120-C5, or missile mass, they will still deny it because there isn’t a concrete number for them to input.

A simple fix they could but also won’t do is to set it as the closest known number either like 100 km for the C5 because its “historically inaccurate”.


its also possible that real stats might be more than the what the public info says. usually public info have high chances of being less then what the real classified info have too

theres a guy who found out that the AAM-4 has a copy and paste thrust from the MICA. i didnt know about it till now, no wonder its so bad

the AAM-4 to them is a joke