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AAM-3 image An air-to-air missile developed by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force as a successor to the AIM-9L. The guidance method is infrared + ultraviolet guidance, and it has the ability to shoot and release. The fuse is an active laser proximity fuse and the warhead is a directional warhead. The features of this missile include the following:

The guidance method is passive dual-wavelength light wave (infrared and ultraviolet) homing, and the fuse is an active laser proximity fuse. The front section is equipped with a large notched canard that improves the missile’s maneuverability, and there is a stabilizing wing at the end. It uses a seeker developed by NEC, and when combined with a noise removal circuit, is said to have extremely high resistance to optical interference technology (IRCCM). In addition, the swing angle of the seeker is large, so the dome at the tip of the missile is larger than that of the sidewinder. It also has high off-bore sight capability, and the missile is controlled using a direct drive electric servo actuator that responds quickly and allows fine-grained control, unlike conventional gas servo systems that use hot gas. In addition, the bank-to-turn technology has been introduced, the seeker and swing angle have been expanded, and the two-color infrared rays have been adopted, resulting in a high accuracy rate. Like the seeker, the proximity fuse is made by NEC and is an optical type using a laser. The warhead uses a directional warhead that can efficiently deliver large attack power. Therefore, its overall capabilities are said to exceed that of AIM-9L.

Spec data:

  • Total length 3.1m
  • Diameter 12.7cm
  • Wingspan 64cm
  • Weight 91kg
  • Propulsion method Solid fuel rocket motor
  • Maximum speed Mach 2,5
  • Maximum range: 5-10km
  • Fuze Active Laser Proximity Fuze Warhead Komatsu HE fragmentation effect warhead
  • Warhead weight 15kg
  • Seeker NEC two-color seeker (using infrared and ultraviolet) Induction method: Infrared + ultraviolet induction Manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Vehicles that can mount the AAM-3

History behind the AAM-3 It was developed as a successor to the AIM-9L Sidewinder, and is designed to improve target acquisition and tracking capabilities through more sensitive temperature difference detection, as well as improve the flight maneuverability of the missile itself. Research began around 1974, but full-scale development began in 1986, formal approval was given in 1990, and it was officially adopted by the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.





A capable missile and one Japan should see on the EJ Kai or future additions!


+1, definitely a weapon to have added to Japan


With R-73 and AIM-9M already being a thing at top tier; absolutely +1


Yes most definitely would like to see it +1


hurry up join japan dont let me wait

100% +1, with more and more advanced missiles being added there’s no reason the AAM-3 shouldn’t be added ASAP.


+1 yes please!

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Absolutely! It’s about time we got some domestic JP AAMs! +1


I hope we get the AAM-3 next major along with F-15(D)J


It would certainly make the F15J more unique.

I would love to see the AAM-3, easily one of my favorite missiles, should already even be in game at this point. I just fear that Gaijin is going to give Japan the same treatment that they gave Israel with the Barak II and just slap on the AIM-9M even if they don’t use it all because they’re too lazy to model a missile.

I mean hell, we still don’t have a AAM-1 after all these years, even though it’s worse than the 9P, seeing a Japanese made missile that the F-1 operationally carried would still be nice.


AAM-1 is superior to the 9B at least, and could help make the F-86F-40 more unique

AAM-3 might be a slight issue tho, as it is somewhere petween AIM-9M and AIM-9X performance. While I’d love to finally see a japanese missile they can’t just skip, I feel like they won’t make the F-15J the best F-15 in the game. We could be lucky, but I won’t get my hopes up too much

So uhhh, AAM-3 is coming soontm :D


They’re already in the game on the Dev Server, F-15J can carry up to 4 of them.

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Right, I meant more “soontm” for the live server, or when the update actually comes out

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So far, the AAM-3 feels very good, its not perfect as its missing some gimbal and I’m not sure how realistic the IRCCM is, but my initial impression is that its just an overall better 9M.

Feels like it has better range, has better Gpull, better fin AoA, better track rate, better seeker rate, and less drag compared to the 9M.

I’ve pulled off some fairly impressive long range (7.3km) and very short range kills (0.6km) against maneuvering targets. I have high hopes for this missile!

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Imagine if they implemented Bank-To-Turn steering for it… It could probably pull even harder if they implemented that.


yeah with bank to turn easily 45+ Gs

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From what I’ve heard from some folks at least, the AAM-3 currently doesn’t actually really HAVE that extra G-pull just yet, and it’s IRCCM is the same as the 9M from the testing they’ve done on the dev server.

This is subject to change of course.

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