AAA campers

there should be 10 seconds cool down after J’ing and deploying on the AAA again to avoid someone killing you on the airfield people when they see someone Coming they Just J out and keep hiding and deploy back and when they deploy and see that person coming they instantly J out again which is really something stupid

I get the idea behind a 10-second cooldown, but I’m worried it might backfire. A shorter timer could make spawn camping easier, leaving players with little time to react. This might encourage more aggressive tactics and hurt the overall enjoyment of the game. Maybe there are better solutions, like adjusting spawn locations or implementing spawn protection, to maintain fairness without creating new problems. Just my two cents.

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when it’s the last guy the round ends, right ? shouldn’t be a problem, if it’s not the last one then go chase others

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Destroy ground forces and win by tickets.

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Ive kept that trick to my self after watching someone else do it, in and out of hanger. So no one else would learn it

You have like 20 seconds of inactivity when spawned before the server pulls the plug on a game. Enough time to start moving or J-out again.

yes ur idea is right but it’s not the same when the last 2 guys is one camping and one 10000Meter in a bomber flying around

nope, air players dont deserve the chance to ruin any ground players day