AA wehicles in genaral

Hi im writing this cuz i just wanna know how gaijin balancing wehicles cuz i play game 10 yers and still somehow im suprised, cuz they are allways new wehicles and some nations are extremly overpowered, at low brs with AA than can penetrate a lot of on its br and even higher and than there are nations witch cant do anything cuz been systematicly nerfed all the time. Lets see brand new Italian AA its finally here. there is just problem that well i love it its perfect just nasty at 5.0 like 90 plus mm of pen ok put it up to 7.3 and done i using that wehicle at 8.3 and its perfect. Or there is praga at 6.3 also full HVAP belt 93mm of pen perfect but that cannons are was too op at least 6.7 in my opinion also french and sweeden 40mm with pen over 90mm should be higher at least french on cuz sweedish one have basicly 100 rounds thats was too low ammo capacity but there are other wehicles like BTRwith 14.5mm guns it can pen 45mm just like german 20mm autocannons wich is soo stupid also 37mm cannons should at least pen 84mm with AP rounds and around 100 plus mm with HVAP rounds but noo its german soo they dont need it. like ok lets say that coalian is not ordinarry wehicle have armor well some and have great guns and perfect firerate but terrible penetration, there are players who have it like me and for us is this AA and allways was perfect adition to kugelblitz cuz was slightly faster and more agile but you cannot use it because it was nerfed to the ground, now its basicly uselles. So even pen is on same level as russian brt 14.5mm guns and there is no use for it also kugelblitz is dead literally it is dead with 1 of 3 rounds ap in belt also need to reload belts and also limited top speed cuz its PZ4 hull and limited penetration and as a bonus its 7.0 br for no reason just to destroy german line up, its dead as well. why we cant have something like we have on top tier wehicles lets say normal rounds pen around 77mm ok and than small amount of HVAP rounds like lets say 200 rounds for kugel and for Coalian and ostwinds around 300 rounds with HVAP rounds same for 20mm cannons but there would be like 600 rounds with HVAP rounds why we cannot find compromis in this. Other nations could work same cuz now this really looks like only germany again and again is pushed out in this category and i hate it soo mutch cuz i love those wehicles, they are not good in anything basicly ostwinds and wirbel is easy to overpresure with 20mm he rounds cuz haha we shoot tracks you dead but i still love this AA guns cuz they were funny back in a day because you have that flexibility when you beed taken out of game with main wehicle you use your AA guns and sometime it could work sometime dont but you can use them like that now you cannot. its just funny that people was angry on those wehicles before and this wehicles was nerfed multiple times and now every singly other nation have same thing in there own line up expect germany cuz they are still OP right, like think about it at least try and dont block this post right away pls lets other players see this and gave they own opinion on this, THX.

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Don’t know why you relate paragraphs to impatience. Maybe you provide me with further details.

For me it is more without a structure the ideas and the argumentation will be difficult to follow.

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Good example that the pure written word can have a different meaning. Give the same example to 3 people and you get 3 different reactions.
So I’m sorry that I didn’t got it right away. It is kinda normal to get toxic reactions to normal things. It wasn’t my intention to put that on you. Sorry again.