AA really needs to be rebalanced

Russian AA is overpowered with no counter and other nations AA is neutered in comparison. With Russian helicopters having IRCM that further reduces the effectiveness of other nations AA. Russian helicopters can basically just hover outside of the AA range and have a free for all on ground unless somone gets a plane up that isnt immediately killed the the 11+ mile range of the Pantsir that shoots close to mach 4 missiles for AA. Not to mention that that Pantsir just shoot down bombs and AGM missiles that your able to throw at it. If thats not enough you have the S238 at Br 10 that is amphibious, Trencher, Laser warning, Gen 3 thermals, insane fire rate, good penetration, unrealistic survivability, high maneuverability, and being able to shoot down air targets at long range effectively.

We need better AA or AA countermeasures for other nations to get a better and balance game play.