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Hi Guys

Here is a Suggestion for the A7V Tanks for War Thunder! :)



The Shortest way to explain the A7V is that it is the German respons to the British Mark tanks!
In 1916 the British and French started Using tanks on the Battlefield in order to breach German defences. However German high command still mostly believed that AT Rifles, Heavy Machine guns, Field Cannons and Artillery would be enough to counter the tank on the Battlefield. But as British and French Tank tactics improved the Germans realized that they needed an operational tank of their own.
the Allgemeines Kriegsdepartement quickly started to resarch the idea of how a German tank would be created. It was the same department that was garthering intelligence on the British and French tanks.
The first plans for The German tank was created by the engineer Joseph Vollmer which suggested a 30 ton tank chassis.
The Chassis was designed to be able to carry cargo, move troops and be a armored fighting vehicle on the battlefield.
The first prototype built by daimler motoren gesellschaft and made its first trail in May 1917. It was unarmored but filled with 10 tons of ballast to simulate its weight.
When the tank was first introduced and sent to the soldier. It revealed some off its heavy flaws like its height and underbelly unable to resist fragmentation and grenades. The unarmored plates and regular steel plates which meant that its 20 to 30mm plates was reduced to something simular to the mark 4 which had only 12 mm of front armor plates.
another major flaw of the A7V was that it was heavely overcrowded with man power which counted 17 operators in the tank. A driver, mechanics, signaler and twelve infantrymen, gun servants and machine gun servants six loaders and six gunners.
Despite the heavy weight off the tank it was still the most fast tank of the war with a top speed off 15 km/h.
The tank first saw combat during the attack on the St Quentin canal, during the German spring offensive. Two of the tanks broke down but was still able to counter a british counter offensive on the 24th of April 1918.
The Worlds first tank on tank encounter was with three A7V,s meeting its oponents which was three British Mark 4,s during the second battle of villers-bretonneux. the two british female Mark 4 tanks were unable to penetrate the steel amor off the A7V. They decided to fall back leaving the male Mark 4 to fight off the A7V. after getting hit 3 times with the Male Mark 4,s 57mm cannon the A7V was knocked out and killed 5 off its 17 crew members which deciced to bail. the tank was recovered and repaired later but the Male Mark 4 was still rolling around the battlefield and causing chaos among German troops.
The Germans tried to sent in more A7V and motar fire. But the A7V,s broke down and some even rolled over which ended up getting some off them captured.
The attack with the A7V was believed to be a disaster and the A7V was pulled away from front line service.
There was made a prototype called the A7VU that had a simular appearance to the British Mark tanks. however this tank never left prototype phase.
There was also made a Anti aircraft variant off the A7V with 77mm guns.
One A7V still suvives to this day and sits in Australia Queensland.


Tank overview and specification

The tank had a crew of 17 men including Driver, Gunners, Loaders, Mechanic, Signaler and a Comander.
The engine was the 2x6 inline Daimler petrol engine with 200 hp.
The top speed was 15 km/h which was the fastest for operational tanks during the war.
The weight of the tank was 33 tons.
The armor was 30mm of frontal plate which is said to be only steel plate.
The gun was the maxim-nordenfelt 57mm gun.

In War Thunder

In War Thunder the A7V line off tanks would need a overhaul off rank 1 in order to be balanced ingame so i have made this concept tree to show how they could sit ingame!





“Old Suggestion”
A7V - Germany - War Thunder - Official Forum

The gun would get 2 shells:
5,7 cm Gr. (P) He 2,75 kg 0,16 kg Fp.02 401m/s
Screenshot 2023-07-21 215443
5,7 cm Gr. m.P (P) Saphe 3,1 kg 0,12 kg Fp.02 401m/s with 30mm/10m penetration.
Screenshot 2023-07-21 215455
Notes on German Shells 2nd edition 1918
So i fear that its abilitys are rather limited.

We would probably need a separate gamemode for WWI tanks

Still stronger than Japanese 57mm tho XD

Also, it wasnt made of normal steel, the armored steel was however unsatisfactory a bit below the requested protection level. But Armor quality isnt represented in game in the first place so its not important in the first place.

+1 Would be a workable 1.0 squadron vehicle. Definitely not the best out there but still usable.