A6M5 Ko too high

I dont understand how we ever made this thing 5.3 like Gaijin do you actually look at vehicle performance, any higher and this thing is gonna start fighting early jets in uptiers man, its bad enough that it already fights enemies with advanced engines meanwhile its engine only has 995 HP and struggles at high altitude, this pony can only dogfight at low altitude, it cant keep up with other planes at this BR, move it to like 4.3 with the other zeros, its LITERALLY the same plane


As they said themselves in the announcement about ground BRs, everything is based on economic effectiveness.

Do I agree with this approach? NO. I still appreciate that they’re open and honest about it though. Let’s try to change their mind.

As for the A6M5 Ko (and Zeros in general) the high BR is due to the many people who insist on turnfighting with you - which they inevitably lose. So they’re essentially feeding the Zero with kills, which makes it go up in BR.

The second you meet an enemy who knows what “speed” and “energy” is, you are screwed. No chance of winning, because you have the engine power of a 3.7 plane.

I wish they’d base balancing decisions on vehicle characteristics instead of vehicle performance.


@GuardOfTheSquare & @Apollo_1641

Fully agree to all what you have written - but have in mind that A6Ms can pull easy 12 Gs and have way too good high speed handling - compared to irl.

So technically seen it should be way easier to drain their energy with constant BnZ attacks - so it is not solely the fault of rookie players.

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In general, planes that are very good turn fighters, and also planes with very strong armament, tend to end up massively overtiered, even when they have little or no other redeeming qualities. This is one of the inevitable problems that occurs when battle-ratings are not based off of flight capabilities of an aircraft.

Instead of forcing players to adapt and stop turn-fighting with Zeros or pushing full commit head ons against something like a Ta 152 C-3, the BRs of these planes just go upward and upward until their flight performance is so overwhelmingly inferior to everything they face that fools can start to get away with not knowing how to play against them properly.

I personally don’t enjoy flying them in the current situation even though you can be highly successful, because your success is built upon the reliable cluelessness of enemy players and if you ever run into someone competent there is little you can do.


That goes for pretty much every fighter though. Yeah the high speed handling is a bit overtuned, but according to the Planes of Fame guys it only starts being a problem IRL past ~280mph.

This nerf wouldn’t make it go slower though, so you’d have a Zero that is now retaining its energy better in high speed turns due to less pull, while still being pretty damn agile. Its engine hasn’t gotten any better so it’s not gonna go past that speed very often - realistically, how many times have you gone into a dogfight in a Zero and you were sufficiently past 450kph? For me, maybe a few seconds but that never lasts very long.

The core issue is still that players are getting within the Zero’s gun range while not going significantly faster than it.

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Next br change to zeros be like: Hmmmm it turns too well… 8.0 it is.

Tottally agree btw. Like 30mm raiden was moved from 4.7 to 5.3 and then its guns were nerfed so its basically useless premium now.

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