A6M5 Ko gone after sale?

"After the end of the special promotion, the following packs will be removed from sale:

Japanese Pacific Campaign (1941-1942)"

So will the Ko be removed or will it become available as GE?

The A6M5 Ko will be removed from the shop after the sale, and you can’t buy it with GE.

😭 bruh

But it will probably come back some time in a year or 2.

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For the time being, it will be removed from the store with the pack.

We don’t rule out the possibility of it returning in the future in some form as many other packs have done in the past.

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I see thanks for the response 07

Look these Two store Packs are good and if you don’t have them pick them up!!

But what is up with this Sale its TRASH no Ingame Sale before the Store Sale??? For years now its been the same sale besides some packs being removed or added to the sale but this is just NUTS!!!

The Revenue lost here makes me question your Choices again the game has to have a good Revenue and I can Grant the way people were acting over Changes sales are Down and this Sale will be EVEN WORSE because its the same old Store stuff and 100% removal of Ingame sale again Questionable?

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In-game sales never happen during the summer sale. NEVER. Stop lying & getting mad over fiction you created.