A6E TRAM Armaments are Nerfed in Game

There can be late variants and time period variants my friend.

I made a thread talking about all the stuff the A-6E was missing. I support it getting the weapons its missing but I also think it should go up in BR (at least for ground battles)

With the split BRs coming, that is certainly a possiblity. Though, like with the Su-39. Being a premium. They are hard to move, even with appropriate buffs. Gaijin hate doing it, unless its necessary. Been trying to get L26 on the Chally DS for ages. Even with an appropriate BR increase to 10.3

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As a Desert Storm enthusiast (and expert),thank god LMAO

If a part of the game would be fixed according to their performance during The First Gulf War,we would have the US TT (from the M60A1 RISE P to the M1A1/IP in the ground and from the F-14 to the F-16 in the air)able to curbstomp every single mf that DARES to use a piece of Soviet equipment.

Just FYI for anyone curious: imagine going into a knife fight with a 20mm minigun and a Power Armour. That was the force of the Coalition during the war and what the Iraqis witnessed 24/7

Yeah. For me its Tornado Gr1 and Challenger DS.

what id give for the loadouts the Tornado Gr1 had in Desert Storm. JP233 please

The F-89 carried the AIR-2A Genie rocket- should it have it ingame?

Lmao, I meaaann… why tf not ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Surely team killing your entire team couldn’t possibly hurt the game haha

In all fairness, if a weapon/weapontype is in war thunder, it’s my firm belief that a vehicle that’s capable of using it and used it historically should have the option to use it.