A32a rod adam is at too high of a br

Ok now ive has the a32a red adam for almost 6 months and i have grinded with it so much and started to realize this is at too much of a disadvantage. I’m stuck with no flares at 9.0 being queued in with a-10s and their aim-9ls and i cant flare or maneuver with it, aswell as its sad takeoff speed like me and probably many others use it to bomb bases but we take too slow to get there and have to deal with these sons of ****** missiles. all in all please just lower this to 8.7 and give it an air spawn

It’s a CAS jet, not meant to fight aircraft. It doesn’t have the flight performance to be used to fight aircraft. It’s meant to be used against tanks and other ground vehicles (or ships)

Mine has flares.
Edit: No, only chaff.

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Just grind the entire tree without premiums it took me 2 weeks to get the Draken

No, but seriously. The J32A is not suffering any more than other subsonic planes at 9.0.

It’s the A-10s and stuff that need to move up, not the other way around.

One thing you could try is taking a couple unguided rockets, as you can fire them off like makeshift flares to dodge 9Ls and R-60Ms.

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Is mine the only plane with flares?

Flare or chaff?

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Thanks man, never noticed that.