A129cbt ircm

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i dont really know if im wrong but is the IRCM of the A129CBT working. I found out that all IR missles still look on from far away like 3 or more km so i think the IRCM is not working like it should or am i even wrong about thinking how this should work in the game. And yes i have installed the modification

Some missiles have Counter IRCM (IRCCM) such as the ATAS… it defeats basic discoball IRCM.

Some IRCM is magical like the Ka-52 and Mi-28NM which has been declared IR immune by gaijin and the RMoD despite the video of IR missiles shooting them down in a certain event nobody is allowed to mention.

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I haven’t seen a single video of IR missiles shooting down ka52. I have seen multiple videos of the DIRCM working against both stingers and iglas.

Ka52 and mi28nm have both IRCM and DIRCM

It has the old hot rock type of IRCM. Not very effective against modern dual band missiles.

There’s a video of a Piorun (IR) shooting down a Ka-52.

Can’t post it here, but you should be able to find it if you look.

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100% success rate isn’t a thing in real life, this has to be taken into consideration. In war thunder its very close to 100% by code

Would be very interested in your source, only thing I’ve seen having an actual effect from DIRCM was a Wagner Strela-10 trying to shoot a heli only to have the missile visably lose lock and veer away.

There was another more recent one against what most likely was a stinger. I didn’t save it sadly but its probably possible to find by google. Missile completely went bellow the heli in a straight ish line. Definitely dazzled by the laser

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Yeah, in War Thunder Vitebsk is coded to just disrupt lock before the missile is even fired. (Which isn’t how Vitebsk works… but Gaijin declared it immune to IR… because… Gaijin.)

I’ll give it a google

IR missiles in game don’t track heat either… They track a center point on the targer (they can even track through terrain)

Haven’t seen it track through terrain, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I just wish they would fix the IR tracking and CM to actually work like they do IRL- Dazzling missiles they’re aware of, while in flight.
Against 1 missile they can do pretty well, against 2-3, they don’t have the capacity to deal with them at most angles.

This has been a problem for years and I Gaijin doesn’t even acknowledge it. (Except to say “Immune to IR” in a community issue I can’t find anymore.)

(Oh and add the AH-64E Guardian which also uses a DIRCM)

They both have only DIRCM

Ka-52’ DIRCM doesn’t use laser (like Mi-28NM does)

I thought the top thing was ircm.

Dont they both use vitbesk. I know the ka52 has 2 dazzlers instead of 1

If you will show pic, I would say for sure, but most likely you saw flashing beacon

Vitebsk (or export name President-S) is name of onboard defense system equipment of which can vary greatly. For example: Mi-28NM (L-150 RWR, 1x Laser DIRCM, L-140 MAWS), RuAF Ka-52 (2x non-coherent DIRCM, L-140 MAWS), Mi-35M (L-150 RWR, 3x non-coherent DIRCM, L-140 MAWS).


Doesn’t have it in game sadly

Yes, it’s just a beacon