A129CBT and LYNX/G-LYNX BR is too low

Hellfire at 10.0 is simply too strong. Most of the helis at this BR range have like 3.75-6km range but man 8km range?
There is no SPAA at this BR to counter them.
They only chance to kill them is spawning in plane like cmon.


Anyone when Gaijin gives Britain something good:


Try to kill anything with a Hellfire from 8 km lol

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Hellfires are modeled wrong and don’t have multiple modes. They have modes where you can program them to hit at certain angles, including top down. They also have fire and forget modes.

None of which are modeled in game.

But then again US Tanks, German Tanks, and Swedish Tanks have targeting computers that allow you to target specific weak points or systems. The computer will then lock and track that targeted point on the enemy tank and hold that lock as you move around. So you wouldn’t need to actually input anything but to fire.

Agree, 10.3-10.7 would be the best place for them with the Rolands, Tugunska and Stormer acting as counter.


We don’t have the AGM-114L in game. Best version currently in game is the AGM-114K which isn’t and wasn’t fire and forget.

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I agree, hellfire users need to go to 10.3-10.7. At 10.0 they can fight outside the range of any SPAA, even if they are operating at 4-6km from the battlefield so the only practical counter is to use other aircraft. They have gone under the radar (heh) for too long.

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I know this, but its stupid we don’t have fire and forget hellfires at BR 11+. Just another way they are keeping NATO vehicles behind in ordinance. The ones we have in game do have impact modes. Which we don’t have in game.

lynx and a129 have only 12x zoom…chinese starter have 20x at 8.7… all other starters 10x

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British players when they have an OP vehicle and instead of acting reasonably have to play a victim while saying “BrITAin HAs NoTHiNG GoOD LEt ThEm EnJoY IT”

What next, you’re gonna tell me the AH-1 Starstreak first spawn is okay? lmao

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I never said it was ok, Also name one competitive top tier jet Britain has. I’ll wait.

You will definitely wait because this post isn’t about anything other than the overpoweredness of the Lynxes and A129s at 10.0 BR.

Ok and? Every other nation has overpowered vehicles, what’s wrong with Britain getting SOMETHING like that?

Because one nation having something OP is not an excuse for others to have something OP as well, especially with these helis that are destroying everyone’s gameplay and enjoyment of the game, almost worse than drones at 9.3

a129cbt has 12x zoom bro you can’t see anything from 4 km

??? You just hate Britain lmao, they have TWO decent helicopters and you start complaining it is “op”


I can see you are a die hard Britain fan who is completely oblivious to how cancerous these helicopters are, so go on, continue with your ignorance because I’m not responding anymore.

Have you ever forgotten 2S38/bmp2m/506? By the way, it is almost impossible to hit a target far from 6km by hellfire, over 30s flying time can’t do anything, and you need keep the target locked, or the hellfire will miss that.


2S38 is a premium, BMP-2M squadron and QN event. Those are only 2 nations that can try to engage them, the thing is that if Heli guy knows that id he doing he can duck behind cover and popup in other place since not one of them have search radar and I dont think anyone playing 2S38 or BMP gonna dedicate them as SPAA for entire match.
Also It only “covers” 2 nations. Stingers users cant do anything from that range…, let alone in a full downtier M247 event with proxy wont do much.
And about zoom and hellfires at that long of the range, yes it can be hard to use but depends on the map tbh. And still you can try to use at at longer ranges when things like AH-1F that is 0.3 lower gets only TOW with 3.75km range.
So Lynx and A129 with twice that range, better pen and atgm that is easy to Control at 10.0 is simply OP. 10.3 is minimum for it since SPAAs are the most lacking vehicles in this game.
Even at 10.3 only Rolands that are almost useless now can counter them and in a downtier it can still bully lineups that do not have long range SPAA at this BR range like Japan for example.

That must be a skill issue without a search radar, Just T1-6 and you can find the heli, and most of 2S38 and 506 could easily do their job on anti-heli, because they have laser warnings. By the way, I haven’t provided all of the vehicles that could shoot down the Helis, such as 701 and Shturm-s. Of course, our Heli BR has some issues, but these hellfire launchers can’t get higher BR, because the Stormer or Roland is really easy to kill these helis without warning.