A10 Spawn

the A10s need Airspawn by time you get near the battlefield to kill you dead or either about to die i just bought the A10 premium and unlocked the other A10 i maybe got to the battlefield 5 times over 60 games bcuz the enemy team rushes around yourr team mates to just kill you

The a-10 is a strike aircraft and not really made for air but I dont think a Airspawn would be a problem if they add it

No they don’t. Stay low and practice terrain masking. You’re not a fighter so don’t fly straight to the battlefield.

It may seem like they focused on you, but either you weren’t looking or your team evaporated. You should not be flying directly to the battlefield if you are. Bind a key to jettison your ordinance if you spot an enemy heading toward you. You actually have the turn performance to turn the tables on the unwary.

A-10 can get airspawn if my Jaguar gets it too.

All Jets without countermeasures would suffer a lot if A10 had air spawn.

There are many around 9-10.3BR

It won’t happen, but theoretically It could be OK, if it would be conditional to not having equipped Aim-9L’s.