A way to bring back GE Wagers

As many of you may remember, back in the days of old (like a year ago) Gaijin got Rid of GE Wagers. I don’t remember the reasoning or anything, but I do remember being very sad about it. I understand the frequency of the wagers could be a bit of an issue, so a simple way to resolve it would be to put them as a “rare” drop in the Holiday/Special Gambling Crates, so that they were still accessible however were not easy to get and required the spending of SL or GE in order to receive. I think it would be a great way to re-introduce them in a friendly manner so that it benefits both Gaijin and the Playerbase. Let me know what you all think about this.


Maybe they can start by explaining why they were removed in the first place.


I wish there was a garbage bin somewhere in the hangar where I can throw away the dozens (upon dozens of hundreds of millions lol) of wagers and orders that keep pilling up in my inventory…


Didn’t so much ‘remove’ them, just stopped them being dropped ;)

I still have a few lying in the inventory holding onto them for a rainy day and glad I held on to all of them instead of burning threw them but I would love to see them come back.

See but the GE wagers are nice because you don’t really lose anything while also having the CHANCE to gain something. Thats why I liked em.

Eh, same difference. No longer available, lets say.

it’s a pity. this was the only opportunity to find these mythical GE