A War Thunder Debate on SPAA Imbalances and Personal Experiences

Title: “Unveiling the SPAA Chronicles: A 4,000-Hour Odyssey through War Thunder’s Skies”

Hey War Thunder warriors! Buckle up for an exclusive journey into my SPAA saga, where 4,000 hours of gameplay have unraveled the intricacies of SPAA choices, eyebrow-raising ammo counts, the elusive Lvkv 43, and an ongoing battle for supremacy in the clouds. Get ready for some unfiltered, firsthand insights into the War Thunder universe!

Chapter 1: The SPAA Shuffle - ANTI II vs. Lvkv 42

Let’s dive headfirst into the SPAA showdown that’s been the pulse of my War Thunder existence. Between the ANTI II and the Lvkv 42, each comes with its own quirks. What’s the deal with the Lvkv 42, and how has it been influencing my strategic SPAA game plan? Time to spill the beans on this rollercoaster of choices.

Chapter 2: Ammo Shenanigans - Lvkv 42’s Dirty Secret

Hold onto your seats as we venture into the shadowy realm of ammo conspiracies within the Lvkv 42. Does 104 rounds of 40mm ammo for the entire vehicle sound fishy to you? Join me in peeling back the layers of the ammo drama, exposing what’s truly happening with the Lvkv 42’s munitions.

Chapter 3: Lvkv 43 MIA - The Missing Piece

Ever wonder about the elusive Lvkv 43? Me too! Join the quest as we search for this missing link in the Swedish SPAA lineup. Where is the Lvkv 43, and how has its absence shaped the highs and lows of my 4,000-hour War Thunder adventure? Let’s embark on a journey to uncover this mysterious component.

Chapter 4: Dogfights & Desperation - The Aerial Struggle

Picture this: me desperately trying to counter close air support at 5.7 or beyond and failing spectacularly. The struggle is real! Join me in the chaotic dogfight as I navigate the challenges of limited SPAA options and face off against airborne threats that just won’t cut me a break.

Conclusion: My Battle Cry for SPAA Justice

As we wrap up this thrilling journey, I’m unleashing a battle cry for SPAA justice. Will Gaijin Entertainment heed the call? I’ve laid bare the SPAA shenanigans, exposed ammo mysteries, and put a spotlight on missing components. It’s time for a reckoning in my War Thunder world!

Epilogue: Buckle Up for More War Thunder Shenanigans

In my final notes, I’m revving up the engines for more War Thunder shenanigans. The drama isn’t over, and my voice, along with the community’s, reverberates through the battlefield. Join me for the ride as we navigate the twists and turns of War Thunder’s ever-evolving saga. It’s chaos, it’s wild, and it’s War Thunder, straight from my perspective!

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Monsieur, try the new French meat grinder. Even a blind old cripple like me can use it to grind up to 7 birds at a time. hehe

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The thing is the gun on the Lvkv 42 is identical to the one on the DCA 40. And I’ve sent a bug report on both the Lvkv 42 and VEAK 40 both have been sent to devs but 2-5 months and still nothing. Also sent a issue report about the absurd muzzle flash of the 40mm bofors.

If you like that you should try the US 40mm experience. Twice the guns, all the ammo in the world don’t mean much if you can’t hit sh…

Well the fun thing is i play the us when im with my friends on their computer and i have a good time constantly hitting stuff so idk what the hecks up with that?

I only suck when playing swedish 40mm guns

Yes, the flash of 40/70 is monstrous, especially against the backdrop of the new black clouds.

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Basically just annoyed at the lack of ww2 and early cold war vehicles especially SPAA in all nations. And as i voice my frustration about the lack of Capable actual SPAA in the swedish tech tree, then me asking how 108 rounds of 40 mm in the whole LVKV 42 sounds suspicious at the least. Additionally me calling for the addition of the LVKV 43