A visible date of use on every vehicle in Warthunder (Era arguments)

Not a game changing suggestion by any means but

I always have a bee in my bonnet about eras and how at certain points in the game vehicles come in mainly to fill gaps in Tech tees that completely destroy the canon and suck what little immersion there is in the game after 4-5 BR
We do have some glaring monstrosities such as the South African vehicles 4-7 BR ,and gap fillers like the M109 that just look and act so wrong.

So we have this eternal argument about the era overlap. Some dont know or care which is fine I guess.

However, during that argument, a good point is often made that many vehicles are far older than many might have imagined and also were used far later than people think.

For example the ARL44 almost looks pre-WW2 but was post war, could pass for WW2 all day long. The post war legend the Centurion was literally weeks away from battle in WW2 and T55 was not that long after WW2.The T34 fought in North Cyprus in the 70s against the M60 and so it goes on.

A similar argument rages at top and high tier where some tanks are seen as modern but are actually 40 years old now and that includes allied tanks.

Would it help ease things a little if the date of invention or first and last use were included on the vehicle stats instead of you having to break off and read up elsewhere like WT wiki. Some of the mismatches are not actually as far off as many players think while some are a gap of years.

I appreciate some players don’t care and some have a knowledge so good they don’t need to check the War Thunder wiki. Just think it might be useful to know the difference between an 80s tank and a tank built in 2000(even that is 20 years old now) which looks the same but isn’t.
Might come as a surprise for some to find the M1 is forty years old when comparing it old Russian Armour, it might not help with frustrating imbalance but it might help to learn that some variants of modern allied tanks are not actually so modern. Maybe the same with Aircraft.

It’s hard to separate WW2 from post war tank in some ways especial as there are only months in it and maybe later on hard to even define modern when it comes to a vehicle.

I just think it may ease some people’s expectation a little to know real dates of the vehicles they are facing. Might also be a quick and useful learning tool.