A survey about map enjoyment

I’m doing a survey about which maps tank players like and dislike playing on. If you’ll take the time to fill it out, it would be greatly appreciated. Survey

Can’t access the survey, but I’ll give you my two cents anyway. Basically we need bigger maps for top brs and to have br caps on a lot of the small maps

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Should be accessable now. Forgot to change that.

Why do you have it at most 4 options?

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Mostly so I don’t get responses like “I hate every map,” because that’s not very insightful. Aside from that, in-game, you can like/dislike up to four maps with premium, so I figured that if I was going to limit the number of options people could select, it may as well match what you can dislike in-game.

Tbh, I think you should add br brackets to really get insightful answers. Cause as I mentioned before different brs really need different styles of map. I freaking love advance to the rhine, until I get it at above like 6.7-7.7

I just hope I can stay away from those mini maps

There should be a better way to do a survey, compared to justthe polls we have.