A suggestion about Chinese players and Chinese vehicles

Since the appearance of Chinese vehicles in the game, as a Chinese player, I have not felt the official’s respect and understanding towards Chinese players. This is not only reflected in various errors about Chinese vehicles, but also in the information provided by other Chinese players. Many Chinese players have provided the official with quite specific data, but the official simply says “not a bug” Completely reject all the materials submitted by the player.At the same time, the official has deliberately used discriminatory images in recent events, including the accompanying avatars of upcoming new events. If the official believes that the Chinese technology tree is just an optional accessory, and Chinese players are just a group of animals that only need to pay for and not receive necessary respect, then please delete the Chinese technology tree. This is not a threat, it is just a suggestion.As a player, I did not receive the respect that the official should have, only the status quo of being discriminated against. The official did not take the majority of Chinese players who occupy the game seriously, but simply maintained prejudice against China. I believe the official will definitely reply that there is no discrimination against certain players and certain technology trees,However, I have not seen any change in attitude towards Chinese players and the Chinese technology tree from official practical actions. I have only seen repeated biases and discrimination against Chinese players and China, which is undeniable.So, if the official only considers Chinese players and the Chinese technology tree as optional accessories, then I sincerely suggest that the official delete the Chinese technology tree and forget all Chinese players, because we are not worthy of playing this game. Finally, I still need to clarify that this is not a threat, it is just a suggestion made by a sad player.



My man, this is the Gaijin-Experience.
The other Tech Trees (except Russia) have the same problem.
They don’t understand the source Materials or don’t want to do certain things because they can’t balance it.
I.e. the German PUMA at 10.0 should have an ATGM-Missile


Absolutely agree. I absolutely love the Chinese tree in-game but it’s clear that it’s being mistreated.

Examples include:

  • Them adding the 100% Russian TOR as a Chinese SPAA even though China has dozens of domestic SPAA they could get:

  • Them not even mentioning Chinese spall liners in the spall liner news devblog even though China was the pioneer of spall liners in mass produced vehicles, with acknowledged spall liner reports for the ZTZ-96A, ZTZ-99A, WZ1001, ZTL-11 and VT-4A1.

  • The horribly underperforming VT-4A1, which was added without its spall liner, without its 6.6 second reload, without its scouting drone (but with the box for the drone modeled), without its side ERA and without its proper transmission.

(They used the minimum figures from a regular VT-4 document on the A1 which is meant to be a massive upgrade to the VT-4, but without adding the side FY-2SH and LFP FY-2A that the VT-4 is supposed to have.)

  • On top of that, they have still not added a single IFV to the Chinese tree - with it currently only having the ZBD86 (a BMP-1, not Chinese), and the event QN506 (a T-54 tech demonstrator). Even though China has MANY domestic IFVs and light vehicles:

The event vehicle for the CHINESE NEW YEAR being yet another unique Russian prototype has been quite the slap in the face. And the upcoming event plane for Britain being a JAGUAR copy-paste is also quite sad.

Overall - not great, but I have hope that things will improve. China is still a very fun tree in-game even when massively held back, much like Italy.


Gaijin: Close your mouth and give me the money. Then, ctrl+c ctrl+v, decrease the value a little more, and repeat this process

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+1 for this suggestion. Just keep Taiwan


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