A Solution to increase the amount of players staying in a ground battle match

In a Discussion on a subreddit, about One Death Leavers. i Have managed to create the most simple player friendly solution to the One Death Leave problem.

This problem is quite common and besides giving new premium purchases extra backups gaijin hasnt made strides to fix it, and any community suggested ideas usually involved punishing the player base for even thinking about leaving a match before dying twice.

My Solution involves 2 systems that Gaijin has used plenty of times, without changing them.

System 1. To increase the variaty of vehicles seen in matches, all player line ups must be 3 vehicles, in arcade ground this would mean that each nation except israel would need 3 reserve vehicles, for realistic battles a 3rd reserve vehicle could be presented as an aircraft. This system would be inspired heavily by the squad line up system in Gaijin’s Enlisted FPS shooter.

System 2 would be from certain EC style/sim modes where you dont have a limit on respawns, as long as you have the Sl balance to respawn.

Combining both systems in Ground battles, would result in the ability to respawn as many times as you wish, with the only restraint being simmilar to Enlisted, where you wouldnt be able to respawn in the same vehicle after dying, forcing you to choose another vehicle. As long as you want and can afford it you would be able to try again in a match.

This change would result in Longer battles, more active players in matches, with a higher variety of vehicles.

A gamemode using these changes could be made available as a Beta test for players inside the dev server or ingame.

Please discuss further.

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or could just C&P the Sim spawn mechanic

pay repair upfront and play as long as the battle is

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Incentivize the amount of time in a match with different percentage multipliers or other positive reinforcement techniques. Also just get gaijin to remove all of the shitty maps altogether, more people will not leave a match if the map is decent enough.

Copying it out rght might seem easier, but it would make players only spawn their main. it would cause poeple just spawning OP stuff after and after. A lock out on the last vehicle might look not as enticing, but it would cause more players to play other vehicles with bigger lineups, and might make Gaijin rethink their words about lack of vehicle variaty when they talked about BR decompression.

Only one can dream, but this is the main reason i don’t stay in a match even when i have a full line up.
The other one being full uptier (but i do stick with the match if i atleast have secured something of value).


How would this change ODL? Bring 3 vehicles and leave after you die in your primary. Inspired by a game where repawns for the same squad can happen naturally, for a game where respawns for a single vehicle can’t happen without a backup. This system would mean nothing for ODL because they can’t MAKE you respawn with those reserve vehicles. It is the players choice to continue or not, and you can’t really force people to have fun.

So like Air Sim now where people with millions of SL and premium vehicles with half the repair costs can rush in and suicide bomb airfields until they feel they’ve earned enough RP? Balancing with SL won’t work if there is no limit to the amount of respawns. Imagine playing 8.3 where you can spam an almost infinite amount of Turm IIIs with half the repair cost of the tech tree vehicles AND pemium bonuses to make sure you gain that SL back if you can get a kill or two. This would break the game and cause veteran players with massive amounts of SL to be able to dictate any game they play, especially low tiers against new players. This would actually cause premiums to be pay to win because of the repair cost difference.

Your ideas are not new, and are quite flawed. That would probably be the reason they have not been implemented.

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My Suggestion is not new, but its new to War thunder of today, where both systems would not act a a punishment as any other suggestion involving this topic, its a carrot suggestion not a stick. It wont stop ODL, but it will encourage players who are satisfied with the match, even if they did die in all their vehicles to come back and continue to help and be rewarded with it.

the Problems with Air Sim are to Air sim itself. This new ground battle change would not play as Air sim but would play alot more like Enlisted or any other arena shooter with multiple respawns. This change could also pave way to Br Decompressions, Extended Timers on battles. If we want to punish our own players then those players wont want to play. if they are rewarded they will want to play.

It isn’t new. Air sim actually uses the second system already, and it has issues with suicide bombing of objectives. People discuss forcing a certain amount of vehicles in a lineup too, I’ve seen the threads. I don’t know where you got the information that either of these is new, but I’m going to assume you haven’t combed through every comment of every ODL thread to check.

Yes, this will definitely encourage the M1A1 Clickbait players to stay in the game with an interwar reserve tank. Very helpful… It won’t help because players can already do this, and they don’t, or they have a full lineup and leave after one death anyway. Forcing players to bring 3 vehicles means nothing if two can be reserves in a 11.7 game and you don’t have to use them. You’d be adding a requirement that would mean absolutely nothing, it would just be a new requirement. It would be a useless requirement that would serve no purpose.

Enlisted has different spawn mechanics than Warthunder. Things that work there cannot work the same here. You can spawn squads as many times as you want in a rotating manner all game in Enlisted. You can’t do that in Warthunder. Without backups you could have 50000 SP in a ground rb game, but only be able to spawn a maximum of 10 vehicles (I think 10 is the max amount of crew slots for a nation). Also, those “problems with air sim” that “are to air sim itself” are because of that SL based infinite respawn system. When SL loss is the only repercussion for death and you have 50 million SL, you tend to not care how much you lose in deaths as long as the RP is good. Add to that that most of the premium jets can outearn their repair costs easily then it makes the problem worse. The same will happen to ground and it has already happened once.

I have been told of a time where SL was used to balance ammunition costs in ground modes. Guess who had an overwhelming advantage because they could afford to sling HEATFS every shot dispite the higher cost? Not the newer players, but the veteran players with massive SL reserves. They could run around and lolpen vehicles with their penetration advantage while other players couldn’t afford to use the better ammo types. Balancing off of SL is a bad idea because it gives an obvious advantage to players with large SL reserves. Add to that premium players being unable to lose SL, and the system breaks even more. Want me to spawn my pemium Abrams 500 times in a game to make sure I can overwhelm your team and get kills/rp regardless of how poorly I do? Well I can’t lose SL anymore because I have premium, so it actually negates the downside of your system. Again, BAD IDEA. There needs to be some way to limit the amount of spawns possible regardless of what is used as a metric to spawn, wether it be SP or SL.

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like the idea over all, i just doubt that gaijin will think about this