A slight issue I have with the CV90105

Recently I’ve been playing the M1 KVT to see if I can grind the US ground tree a bit and it feels so much more mobile as in it turns faster, accelerates faster, the turret turns faster etc.
How does a light tank designed for mobility and traversing rough terrain much more slower/sluggish than an MBT??
I’ve been told that it should be played like an M18 but it just doesn’t have the mobility to play like one!
I would be able to put up with all of that if the ground RP gain wasn’t so abysmal, like I’ve grinded the A-10A late with the F-4S in 3 ish hours and yet I’ve been playing the cv90105 for 3 months on and off and I barely have 120k RP into it!

Because the KVT comes spaded and your CV90105 probably doesn’t have engine/etc. mods unlocked. It makes a noticeable difference. Then there’s crew levels which may make a tiny difference, and of course the fact that the determining factor is hp/ton - I’m not in game so I can’t check right now but I want to bet the Abrams has much higher hp/ton than the CV90105.

Agreed on ground RP gains. They’re slow. Real slow. Painfully slow.

the CV90105 is a premium lol and my cv90105 crew is level 75 and my kvt is about 23

Mobility is not based on only “light tank” and “mbt”. Heavier, more armoured vehicle can be faster because

  • More powerful engine(hp and torque)
  • Different gearbox
  • Track width
  • Have or not neutral steering.

CV 90 105 has less HP/T than M1 KVT and the same top speed so it could feel like less agile but it’s still very fast